Summer 10x10 Wrap-Up

13 September 2018

This past couple of weeks, I took the plunge and joined hundreds of other Instagrammers in the Summer 10x10 Challenge! I found out about this challenge in my Discover feed on Instagram and was instantly intrigued--a combination of two of my favourite things (as well as things I blog about): minimalism and style?? Sign me up!

What is Summer 10x10?

The blogger behind Style Bee, Lee, created the 10x10 challenge back in 2015, so it is by no means a new phenomenon, but it did seem to gain popularity this summer, as I was constantly seeing (and eventually followed) the hashtag #summer10x10 everywhere, from people I already followed to people I newly followed after seeing what outfits they put together using the 10x10 formula.

Essentially, the challenge is all about making the most of your wardrobe. You take ten items and make ten outfits over the course of ten days. For a more detailed breakdown, definitely read Style Bee's original blog post about the challenge

Thankfully this challenge isn't just dedicated to the summertime and can be done no matter the time of year--so it's not too late to start for yourself!

My 10 Items

I kept the colour scheme of my pieces classic and neutral. I find that neutral and monochrome colours best mix and match (and that's most of my closet anyway). The pop of colour choices I decided to still keep somewhat neutral and earth-toned. 

  1. Gingham dress: Urban Outfitters
  2. Black trousers: TopShop (from Crossroads)
  3. Denim skirt: Madewell (from Depop)
  4. Olive blazer: secondhand from Haylie
  5. Ochre sweater tank: Anthropologie
  6. Oversized cardigan: thrifted
  7. Polka-dot button down: Madewell (from Crossroads)
  8. Grey pocket tee: Urban Outfitters (from Crossroads)
  9. Brown tassel loafers: Target (from Crossroads)
  10. Black buckle mules: Steve Madden (from Crossroads)

Additional accessories:
  1. Glasses: Oliver Peoples -- worn on day 1, 5, 8, & 10
  2. Black hat: vintage -- worn on day 3
  3. Mustard bandana: Madewell -- worn on days 4 & 6
  4. Leopard print tote: Baggu -- worn day 4
  5. Black beret: vintage -- worn day 7
  6. Dome-shaped basket bag: vintage -- worn day 7
  7. Black belt: vintage -- worn day 9
  8. Black bow: belt from a skirt -- worn day 7

My 10 Outfits

Despite loving putting outfits together, I found this challenge more and more difficult as the later days came along. No matter how clever I thought I was with my choices and how versatile each piece was, I began running out of ideas very quickly. I did find, however, that towards the end, that there were many outfits I came up with out of desperation that quickly became my favourite looks of the challenge.
The outfits I loved the most were Day 1, Day 3, Day 6, and Day 9. What are your favourites?

Summer 10x10 Bullet Journal Spread

To keep track of the challenge, I created a Summer 10x10 spread in my bullet journal. On the left page, I recorded the items I'd be using, the rules of the challenge, and the inspiration behind the looks I hoped to achieve. On the right, I created a log of the date, whether I posted the outfit on Instagram, the items I used, and any additional accessories. All of this is not necessary for the challenge, but I thought it would be a fun way to keep myself organised during all of it. 

Final Thoughts

All in all, this challenge was so fun and also incredibly, well... challenging! The whole process definitely taught me a valuable lesson to take with me as I approach the minimalist lifestyle. 
  1. I learned to value and appreciate what I already have as opposed to longing for other things
  2. I had to put my creativity to the test when I was running out of ideas for outfits
  3. Sharing my looks throughout the challenge inspired others to give it a try and encouraged a slow-fashion lifestyle with my peers
  4. I gained more confidence in my ability to still accomplish style and personality with fewer pieces of clothing
  5. Taking better care of my clothing became much more important and I don't see clothing as disposable as I once did.
Additionally, I also learned that I may have a Crossroads addiction considering almost all of my pieces came from there 😅.

The only thing I found excruciating throughout all of this was ensuring I had someone to take my outfit photo each day (shoutout to Ranier, Haylie, Rose, and Dani!). But now that I have a tripod, I shouldn't have as much of an issue.

If you've made it this far then thank you so much for reading all of this! I hope you learned a thing or two and are interested in trying the 10x10 challenge yourself! I may do the challenge again next season for autumn because I had way too much fun doing it!

You don't have to be a minimalist to appreciate living with less. At the very least, it can be an enriching and humbling experience in a capitalist society.

Thanks to Lee from Style Bee for creating this challenge and putting everything into perspective! 

x, Sarah

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