What Sarah Wants: 24th Birthday Wishlist

25 July 2018

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My birthday is less than two weeks away now, and I already have the whole week plan-packed, but that doesn't mean I haven't had the time to think about some of the things I'd want as gifts! Here are a few items on my wishlist that stick to my minimalist theme -- all things I would use repeatedly or will replace similar, lower quality things I already own. 
  1. Plans by Death Cab For Cutie (vinyl) - $22.99
  2. Madewell Stretch Denim Straight Mini Skirt - $79.50
  3. Glosssier You Perfume - $60.00
  4. Vegan Leather Mini Backpack - $49.99
  5. UO Knock Down Plant Stand in Honey - $69.00
When's your birthday and what's your star sign? Let me know as well as what's on your future wishlist in the comments!

x, Sarah

A Minimalist Gift Guide

19 July 2018

Disclaimer: Gifts are always a luxury, not a necessity. In no way do you have to buy someone something in order to prove that you love them! This post is for those who wish to buy a gift and are unsure of where to start. Any person, minimalist or not, should be content with simply your friendship and kindness, because that's truly the greatest gift of all (wow, cheesy, lol)!

If you have a minimalist loved one, it can seem a bit overwhelming to shop for them when the specials times of year where gift-giving occurs rolls around. In honour of my birthday coming up next month (6th of August!), I've decided to put together a little gift guide for the minimalists in your life--whether they're minimalist veterens or rookies.

01. Money

This is a gift that anyone can appreciate--not just people living off of only the essentials. Probably the most versatile gift, albeit not incredibly personal, money can be used toward the necessities, such as rent, bills, or groceries, put towards a special trip or event, or even just saved. No one wouldn't love to receive money as a gift, regardless of the amount!

Instead of just flat out giving money, another option is to offer to pay for a monthly payment of theirs that they already have--such as a gym membership, Netflix or Hulu, or just filling up their tank with gas!

02. Gift Cards for Essentials

Similar to money, gift cards are a more personal approach to the idea of putting cash towards something your minimalist loved one will actually use. Examples of gift cards for a minimalist include grocery stores (Trader Joe's, Safeway), drug-stores (Walgreens, CVS, Target), supplies for their career (art supplies, tech, software), homegoods stores (IKEA, West Elm, PotteryBarn), etc.

Another gift card option is for non-essentials, but one for somewhere you know that they already spend money often, such as their favourite coffee shop, Sephora or Ulta, or their go-to clothing store (only if they're in need of new clothes, of course!).

03. One-Time Experiences

Rather than a material object, a perfect gift for a minimalist is an experience--whether it be a ticket for an extravagant holiday away, a gift certificate for a massage, tickets to a theme park or concert, paying for a hair or nail appointment, going to swim with sharks--anything that you know they would enjoy. This doesn't have to be overwhelmingly expensive. Even just paying for a movie or making them dinner is an excellent way to show you care!

This is the best option because there's no limit to what you can do! Whether you go for a road trip together or just pay for them to be pampered for a day, money spent towards experiences is far more valuable than used to buy material things.

04. Things You Know They Need

Hearing them complain about a faulty kitchen appliance constantly? Is their handbag falling apart at the seams and in need of being replaced? Are they running out of their highly-coveted cleanser? Pay close attention to when they mention or you notice these things--it can lead to a perfect, thoughtful gift that they wouldn't be expecting! 

05. Your Time

Perhaps the most priceless gift you can give to a minimalist is your time. Not every minimalist will even want any form of gift, even those listed above. The best way to show a person you care is to make time for them whenever you can--especially on special dates such as a birthday, anniversay, holiday, what have you.

Dedicating a day to a loved one and just spending time together can mean the absolute world to them--because a core value of minimalism is building and maintaning meaningful relationships. Similarly to their relationship with material possessions, minimalists will have no problem eliminating people who hold no real purpose or spark no joy in their lives. By sharing special moments and dedicating your time to them, you're showing your minimalist loved one that you are an essential and positive aspect in their life. 

Every minimalist has their own limits and interests, of course, but the mindset and way of living is roughly the same--living off of less for a fuller and richer life. Hopefully you've found this guide helpful if you're hoping to celebrate a minimalist friend or family member by giving them a gift. The key to finding the perfect gift for anyone, not just a minimalist, is listening. Understand the things they value, need, and love in life. The simplest gifts can often be the most thoughtful.

x, Sarah
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