Distracting (& Uplifting!) Post-Breakup Activities

24 May 2018

Hello, hi there from the Queen of Breakups! Okay, not really, but I've been through a loooooot of them. Like. A lot. For my age, at least. I've experienced every kind of breakup as well, being brutally dumped in cold blood, having to break someone's heart into a billion pieces, and having an amicable, mutual, mature breakup where no one was wronged (the hardest to achieve--thanks Andrew for being my coolest ex!). You've heard the spiel before--breakups suck. For everybody involved. I've lived with the guilt of dumping people for years and sometimes I'm still bitter over irrelevant people I never have to see again who ended things with me in, just, like, the worst way possible in February 2016 right before Valentine's Day... or something like that.

However the breakup, the aftermath is relatively the same (unless it was toxic and you're now free from a blood-sucking bastard. If that's the case--go you!). If you're prone to depression like me, it can be difficult to get back into the swing of things post-breakup, especially if most of your day was eaten up by talking to your partner via text and you have to glare at your phone that has no notifications... NOT THAT I WOULD KNOW WHAT THAT'S LIKE!

As someone currently dealing with the aftermath of my (and possibly the world's) shortest relationship, I decided to share some activities that I find helpful after a breakup. Sometimes you need a distraction or two from the ever-present looming voice asking yourself "How do I always end up with the same type of guy??" (again, not that I would know). These are just things that help me personally, but if you have any more ideas that I haven't mentioned, please do leave them in the comments for myself as well as anyone else reading who may need it!

1. Write Letters to Loved Ones About How Much You Appreciate Them

Nothing brings you back down to Earth and helps your self-esteem like bringing awareness to the amount of love that you DO have in your life and not the love that you've lost. Handwriting personal letters to those people not only allows them to know how much you appreciate having them in your life but also writing things down in itself is just therapeutic. Studies have also shown writing things down helps you remember them better (ah, school lecture flashbacks), and what's better than remembering how loved you are? Nothing, friends.

2. Learn a New Instrument (or Song)!

Of course, learning a new instrument may require actually buying the instrument, which is quite the investment. Instead of spending all that money (unless you have it to spend--if so, kudos), maybe look into renting an instrument or borrowing from a friend! And if you're already a music pro (feel fortunate), learn a new song or two! Then with these new skills you have harboured, you can write your own angst-filled songs about your new ex and about how their jokes were never really THAT funny. 

3. Journal Those Feelings!

That's right--time to crack open that daily gratitude journal you told yourself you'd use every day back in January but has been gathering dust ever since the day you purchased it for the shocking price of $15.99. Write down all that's been building up since it all ended--whether that's sadness, anger, embarrassment, pure glee, or hatred. It's incredible how writing feelings down can just make them feel better. Or, you can try and look past the negative feelings and write down all the good parts of your day. Because honestly, screw that person, they don't deserve space in your head OR that cute overpriced journal.

4. Clean & Rearrange Your Bedroom!

Do you really want to enter the same room arrangement where you and Brian* used to cuddle and watch Netflix? I don't think so. Cleaning your bedroom alone allows for a clean headspace as well, and a way to start fresh! But rearranging your room--honey, that's some NEXT LEVEL starting fresh. You're feng shui-ing Brian the HECK out of your memory. Not only is that healthy, but also a little bit savage if you think about it. So you go host that little HGTV programme in your head as you attempt to move your heavier-than-expected IKEA bed frame in your pyjamas. LIVE YOUR TRUTH!

5. Start Binging a New Show!

I know I'm a person who has an endless of shows I "need to watch" but then I end up just rewatching New Girl for the 50th time. Don't be like Sarah! Broaden your horizons! Have to wait for your partner to watch the next episode of a show you both were watching together? Ha! Now is your chance to start a new show on your OWN schedule. Now instead of being invested in someone else, you can be invested in newfound fictional characters!

And there you have it--a compiled list of things I find helpful after a breakup, regardless of how gnarly it may be. I know there are going to be days where you literally just want to lay in bed and do nothing and that's okay. The cliché is true--time heals all wounds, but it's also important not to lose yourself and miss out on things you enjoy doing while that time passes. Stick around people who lift you up and be grateful for the good, it'll make everything feel like it's going by just a little bit faster.

x, Sarah

* There is no Brian, it's just the first generic white boi name that came to my head ok
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