29 June 2017

It is needless to say that I got sunburnt on this day. Getting sunburnt in San Francisco is not a frequent occurrence, but with this heat wave I mentioned in my last post, and being an incredibly fair-skinned easy target for those dastardly rays, it is still entirely possible. There is one up side to being in the sun--it makes for some lovely lighting for photos! It gave a somewhat angelic, halo-like affect. (Don't be fooled, I'm still the devil)

I love tying my hair back on hot, sweaty days such as these, typically in a high pony and a ribbon like you see here, but I find that throughout the day the pulling gives me a horrific headache and I can't wait to take my hair down. Does this happen to any others of you who have extremely thick hair like I do? Or even better... does anyone have a solution other than grinning and bearing it and popping some headache medication? I love how my hair looks in a ponytail, but I just can't stand the soreness. Beauty is pain, I suppose.

This Tylho off-the-shoulder gingham dress I got at Anthropologie has been my absolute favourite dress of the summer! It's light, comfortable, and gives me just the right amount of Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz vibes (seriously, I find it very difficult not to pair with a basket handbag and red shoes!). I have been seriously watching my spending at work lately, but as soon as this dress arrived I knew I had to have it... I am a sucker for any blue retro-inspired dress with an A-line skirt (thank you, again, Zooey Deschanel in (500) Days of Summer...I can't help it, it's my biggest style inspiration film!). I find this dress in particular to be so incredibly versatile, I've worn it on a date, to work, and out and about during the day! It's definitely a piece that won't be leaving my closet any time soon...

Do you have a favourite summer piece yet, or is it too early to say? If so, what is it? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to find out and continue to get inspired! I hope you all are continuing to stay cool during what seems like one of the hottest summer in years!

  • dress: anthropologie
  • shoes: thrifted
  • brows: anastasia beverley hills (in auburn)                         
  • foundation: kat von d (in light 42 neutral)
  • blush: covergirl (in 510 iced plum)

  • handbag: vintage
  • necklace: vintage hand-me-down
  • lips: burt's bees (in red dahlia)
  • eyeliner: soap & glory
  • earrings: forever 21
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