So This is the New Year

01 January 2016

Happy New Years, to all! 2015 was a remarkably profound year in my life. I managed to experience so much in so little time, and I have all of the incredible people in my life to thank for that! 2015 was one of the best years I've had in a long time, with its fair share of emotional hardships along the way, but overall, I wouldn't change a thing, because I've grown more as a person in this past year than I have any other year in my life, it feels.

(For your listening pleasure, please listen to the song stuck in my head all day yesterday as you read):

Here are just a few positive things that happened in 2015...
  • was a part of two uni productions, one as a major role
  • moved into my first home (with someone I can now call my best friend/sister for life)
  • concerts! fleetwood mac, marina & the diamonds (twice!), death cab for cutie, nate ruess...
  • experienced ~love~ in its many forms
  • got straight A's at uni
  • freed myself from unhealthy relationships
  • become obsessed with reading for pleasure again
  • turned 21!!
  • featured in my first mag (see my blog post here)
  • began painting and making art again
  • did things out of my comfort zone
  • dyed my hair 6 different colours
  • found my drive and passion in many things once more
  • finished my Invisalign
  • many, many lovely photo and film shoots with talented artists
  • reinvented The Petite Pixie (lots in store!)
And the things to come in 2016...
  • opening up my depop (keep checking back after today!) 
  • graduating uni with my second degree!!!
  • travelling abroad by myself to visit Kitty!
  • Rocky Horror Show!
  • grandparents' 70th wedding anniversary!
  • my brother's wedding!
And hopefully lots more unexpected pleasures!

Happy 2016, everyone! I hope you had a safe, positive, and love-filled year. What did you accomplish this year, and what do you hope to accomplish with this coming year? What were some of your favourite things in 2015? Please let me know in the comments, and let's discuss!

Stay sweet  

dress: A Clothes Horse closet sale (now closed) | belt: forever 21 | earrings: vintage


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