In the Sun

12 January 2016

It's been 40º weather here in San Francisco, as of late, so I can easily say I've been thinking about warm days back in Hawaii as of late, despite not being the biggest beach bum. Around Christmas time, my goooorgeous friend Shannon (who is actually a mermaid; @mermaidshannon on Instagram if you need proof!) and I hit the sand for a little impromptu photoshoot. This is where my mind will be until my final term starts...

To be fair, I haven't spent much time outside at all since I've been home, and the cold isn't entirely to blame. I've been spending most of my winter holiday time alone, in my house, eating lentils and rice, binge watching whatever shows I can think of on Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. Normally, I would absolutely hate the solidarity, but I find myself really missing and looking forward to being alone when I actually do spend time with other people--and if you know me at all, that is really, really peculiar and new for me. The time alone has given me the opportunity to write more, to make more art, and to think more (which is usually a bad thing, but not lately). The days are winding down until I am out of the house 5 days a week once more, without the spare time for these activities. Hopefully I continue writing in my journal and making art as often as I can, because it's been truly liberating.

swimsuit: American Apparel

Now, my question for you is what do you do by yourself that keeps you busy and/or makes you happy? I am trying to find new activities to try (preferably that don't spend any money) in order to become more comfortable being alone. I think it's an important thing for everyone!

Stay sweet♡ 


  1. My goodness gracious, you look so sexy and authentic! I LOVE the photos and your swimsuit is killer!

    Katie | Wit and Whimsy

  2. You and Shannon definitely have the beauty of a mermaid! Lovely swim wear.I'm in need of new attire and American Appeal is already on my list to shop.

    When I'm alone I hula hoop, stretch/prep for contortion, wire wrap crystals, practice braids in my hair, sculpt using polymer clay, read Plath's poetry followed by depression, and of course...write.

    - Harlynn


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