Pixie Dust

23 December 2015

It seems like lately I've been escaping my bubble gum pastel faerie aesthetic for a more """mature""" (boring) palette, but that doesn't mean I don't incorporate it every once in a while. Perhaps by "incorporating it every once in a while" I really mean going all out with an entire ensemble dedicated to the pale hues. The all pink look used to be my "thing", but for some reason I just have been avoiding it. Could be the cold weather, or maybe I'm just bored of being predictable. In any case, this outfit I whipped up last minute one morning really put me in pixie-esque spirits.

As much as I would love an entire closet dedicated to candy-coloured goodness like the ever so perfect Kailey of Mermaidens (who executes it flawlessly without ever being expected or dull--a talent I must acquire myself!), I find my taste ever so fleeting, or, moreso that what I wear is entirely dependent on my mood, which ranges quite dramatically as of late. When I'm in a particularly empowering (and dare I say b*tchy) mood, I tend to go for the tight, all black look (like seen here), when I'm feeling sophisticated, I go all out vintage, (complete with vintage lingerie underneath!), and when I'm just tired and done with the world, I even wear... *gasp* jeans! I suppose this pastel pixie look must be my default for an average day. Can't complain too much about such a cute signature look, despite being season-appropriate or not!

Do you have a signature, go-to style each day, or do you dress depending on your mood as well? Also, does your outfit tend to set the mood for your day, as I have noticed does so for mine? Do let me know, it is something I wonder about often. Perhaps I am just a crazy woman who is the only one who thinks this way. Who knows!

Stay sweet 

dress: american apparel | jacket: banana republic | crop tank: topshop | skirt (worn as petticoat): target | socks & necklace: h&m | shoes: bait footwear

*Photos by James

1 comment:

  1. I love that you wear socks and flats together! haha I do this all the time and feel super cute and girly when I do! Adorable socks are a fashion must! xx
    Katie | Wit and Whimsy


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