Christmas Cheer

28 December 2015

**for some reason I scheduled this to post on Christmas day and it didn't! Apologies for my lateness

Happy (belated) Christmas, everyone! Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year, and I definitely make sure to go all out. This year, I was fortunate enough to have my own house to throw my first ever Christmas party with alongside my roommate/bestie Jessie! There were jams, laughs, gifts, and lots and lots of photos. Overall, I'd call it a success! It was an "ugly sweater/jumper" theme, so obviously I had a lot of fun making my own (despite Jessie claiming it's not ugly at all.... I digress). I love hosting in my new home and can't wait for more reasons to celebrate in 2016*~

Meanwhile, I'm back with my family in Hawaii for Christmas this year (the first time in 3 years!) and it's been so nice to have a teeny break from the cold back at home, but I still can't wait to be back in my little pink-carpeted house and back to real life!

In other news, how absolutely darling and perfect is this little drawing of me by super gifted artist/all-around sweetheart Lisa Lumos (@LisaLumos on Instagram, people!!)?? I adore being drawn so this was quite the wonderful little Christmas surprise!

For those of you that celebrate Christmas, have a happy and safe day, and for those of you who don't, I wish the same, as well as a lovely holiday season. Do any of you have some fun Christmas/any holiday traditions that you'd like to share? I'm always curious about what other people do on this day every year. Do let me know!

Stay sweet (with lots of Christmas goodies!) 

jumper: vintage + handmade skirt: h&m | heels: i honestly don't remember, sorry!

*Photos by Jessie 

Pixie Dust

23 December 2015

It seems like lately I've been escaping my bubble gum pastel faerie aesthetic for a more """mature""" (boring) palette, but that doesn't mean I don't incorporate it every once in a while. Perhaps by "incorporating it every once in a while" I really mean going all out with an entire ensemble dedicated to the pale hues. The all pink look used to be my "thing", but for some reason I just have been avoiding it. Could be the cold weather, or maybe I'm just bored of being predictable. In any case, this outfit I whipped up last minute one morning really put me in pixie-esque spirits.

As much as I would love an entire closet dedicated to candy-coloured goodness like the ever so perfect Kailey of Mermaidens (who executes it flawlessly without ever being expected or dull--a talent I must acquire myself!), I find my taste ever so fleeting, or, moreso that what I wear is entirely dependent on my mood, which ranges quite dramatically as of late. When I'm in a particularly empowering (and dare I say b*tchy) mood, I tend to go for the tight, all black look (like seen here), when I'm feeling sophisticated, I go all out vintage, (complete with vintage lingerie underneath!), and when I'm just tired and done with the world, I even wear... *gasp* jeans! I suppose this pastel pixie look must be my default for an average day. Can't complain too much about such a cute signature look, despite being season-appropriate or not!

Do you have a signature, go-to style each day, or do you dress depending on your mood as well? Also, does your outfit tend to set the mood for your day, as I have noticed does so for mine? Do let me know, it is something I wonder about often. Perhaps I am just a crazy woman who is the only one who thinks this way. Who knows!

Stay sweet 

dress: american apparel | jacket: banana republic | crop tank: topshop | skirt (worn as petticoat): target | socks & necklace: h&m | shoes: bait footwear

*Photos by James


20 December 2015

Hello, dolls! Long time, no see (yet again, deepest apologies). You may have noticed quite a few changes in the blog's appearance that have been slowly taking shape over the last month (there is still quite a bit to accomplish). If you've been frequently visiting despite the lack of updates, you'll have noticed that my blog's theme has now successfully changed completely twice. That is due to my overall indecisiveness over aesthetics as well as self-exploration as well as my ever-wavering understanding of self and what I want, not only out of this blog, but out of life in general. It proves to be quite the challenge, but I am sure with some time dedicated to myself and much reflection and deep thought, I will come to some sort of conclusion eventually. I also need to accept the fact that I am quite young and have much to learn and experience before I can ever truly know what I want out of life. Some people never know. But perhaps, I am just rambling now.

Here are some key things that I have been up to over the last few months:
  • I've been cast in and have completed the production of Bus Stop, which proved to be quite the draining yet wonderful experience
  • I've successfully lost 5 pounds and gained it back in a matter of weeks 
  • I've gone through my closet and sorted out several garbage bags of clothing to get rid of
  • I became addicted to Jane the Virgin and old cycles of America's Next Top Model 
  • I've been painting a lot
  • I dyed my hair very dark brown for Bus Stop then back to copper again (quite the process)
  • I've been newly single for the longest time since I started university
  • I spent lots of time with family when they were in California
  • I pierced my daith
  • I got a rose gold iPhone 6S
  • I've started a new medication 
  • I auditioned for and was cast in the Spring musical, my last ever production in university
  • Finished my last fall semester of university
That seems to be the length of it. I guess overall, it comes together as a rather productive list, despite at the time feeling massively unproductive.

Here is an outfit that I wore this past fall that really sparked my sense of "feeling like myself" again after a long period of feeling like I was losing myself, style-wise. I don't know what it was exactly. Perhaps too much comparing myself to people on Instagram, but I found myself wearing lots of black and denim and looking "trendy" but not myself, which, I think, led to this whole feeling of losing myself. I wore this outfit and, after being complimented by dozens of strangers everywhere I went, I was reminded why I dress the way that I do. It gave me a confidence boost and I felt like I was being complimented for being myself rather than being the way everyone wanted to look.

Anyway, the year is finally coming to a close, and I can't wait to see what 2016 brings myself as well as all of you. I've been really itching to write more, and I can't wait to continue to share my life and personal style with you.

Stay sweet 

blouse: thrifted | skirt: thrifted | socks: from a shop in japan | shoes: thrifted | beret: from a shop in paris | satchel: (old) cambridge satchel co. via modcloth

*photos by James

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