08 August 2015

This past Thursday was my 21st birthday!! I feel so unbelievably lucky to have such incredible people in my life to celebrate with. Spending my 21st in San Francisco was an absolute dream--I visited the ModCloth Fit Shop downtown and tried on some very beautiful pieces (and purchased a couple!), picked up some freebies from Sephora, and made lots of memories. 

For those of you who may be wondering/care--I am not a huge drinker, but I figured you only turn 21 once, so I partook in a couple of cocktails, now that I can legally purchase them. My first drink was an appletini at Elephant Bar in Daly City! Growing up, my favourite television show was Scrubs, so ever since I was a kid, I always said that my first drink when I turn 21 would be an appletini (a reference to the show). I always assumed I would hate it, but still needed to do it anyway. I was actually pleasantly surprised (you can see my reaction on Vine here)! Later in the night, I had a strawberry daiquiri at Cheesecake Factory at Union Square and then a fuzzy navel at The Edge, a bar in the Castro. I had no intention of getting wasted or anything like that, so these three spread throughout the day were enough for me to enjoy my birthday!

As per usual, I picked out a special birthday dress to wear this year! This one in particular is from ModCloth, and I'm absolutely in love with it. Unfortunately, after my fit session, myself, my roomie/BFF Jessie, and a handful of ModStylists couldn't zip it back up! The zipper ended up breaking entirely (don't you just hate those plastic zippers?), so I was pinned up with safety pins. Not the best way to start off my day, but the team there was kind enough to offer me $20 off the shoes I had been eyeing considering the circumstances--so that was one way to make my day!

Speaking of shoes, aren't these shoes to die for? For years I had been dying for a pair of Miu Miu shoes (after always seeing them on Elle Fanning, a style icon of mine). I managed to score this vintage pair for $16 at a Goodwill in Berkeley! Can you believe that? (And yes--they're real!) I couldn't believe my luck, so I was ecstatic when I realised that they matched my birthday dress perfectly.

That about wraps up my day! Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday and made it oh, so special! And a happy birthday to my fellow Leo's out there!

I want to know--for those readers 21 and over--how did you celebrate your 21st? Let me know in the comments!!

Stay sweet ♡ 

P.S. My two-year blog anniversary is coming up! Stay tuned tomorrow for a giveaway!!

dress: modcloth | shoes: vintage miu miu | belt: from another dress, macy's | tiara: claire's | watch: target

*photos by my big brother, Josh

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  1. I stayed overnight at an inn by the beach for my 21st (it was a few weeks ago) but I would have preferred the mountains.


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