Rotary Dial

04 August 2015

Summer school is finally coming to a close today (just in time for my birthday)! Although it was a lot of work condensed into 7 weeks of classes, I took classes that were perfect for summer--a creative writing course in which we write original short stories, which really got my creative juices flowing, and a seminar course in which we see performances and come back to discuss them as a class. The latter of the two gave me plenty of opportunities to dress up, whether for the symphony, the theatre, or a jazz club. 

My favourite event to plan an outfit for was The EXIT Theatre's production of "The Desk Set"--a play taking place in the 1950s. I curled my newly-dyed bright pink hair and threw on this vintage-inspired, full-skirted dress and enjoyed myself a good show. Although I never need an excuse to rock a 50s silhouette, it's always fun to make an excuse for one ;).

This Betsey Johnson rotary phone handbag has been my go-to bag for almost two years now, and it fit in perfectly with my little 1950s theme--not to mention I can never leave the house without getting so many compliments on it, as well as turn some heads when I use the phone for actual phone calls (yes, the phone bit really works through my mobile phone!).

This is an outfit that I felt very much me in, after a while of feeling like I was losing myself in my fashion choices. Sometimes I get lost in what I "should" be wearing or what is popular, but once I fall back on retro looks like this, I am most happy and feel most myself. Something worthy of taking note of! Does that ever happen to anyone else? I want to know!

Happy August to everyone, and enjoy your last few weeks of summer!

Stay sweet 

P.S. My 2 year blog anniversary is coming up real soon! Be sure to be on the look out for a special giveaway!

dress: thrifted (originally h&m) | handbag: betsey johnson | shoes: vintage | socks: topshop


  1. You are so sweet and chic and OH-LA-LA! ♥
    ♥ Happy Tuesday! ♥


  2. Oh how I remember those summer school days. Hahahah
    Your hair is so dreamy.<333 And I love that Betsey Johnson purse! :D

    Vegetarian Courtesy

  3. SO pretty and I love your hair like this!!

    xox Sammi


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