Dark Side of the Moon

22 August 2015

Hello, there! Long time, no see! I wish I had a better excuse for my absence these past few weeks other than I've just been incredibly busy and distracted lately. And also sick. Very, very sick. I have barely slept in weeks due to a very bad cough, which is thankfully, I am hoping, reaching its end. It has been difficult to get myself to leave the house because of this, let alone pull together a full ensemble cute enough to share here.

Overall, this past week has been entirely disastrous (which, according to my dearest Jessie, could be due to the current Venus Retrograde, for all of you astrology fans), for myself and nearly everyone I am close with and see regularly. I am not going to go into details, mostly because some are not mine to give, and ones that are are not something I'm entirely comfortable about discussing, but this week's events have left me feeling quite melancholy. The weather going from cheery and bright to dark and gloomy right after one key event responsible for my mood did not help matters much either. Conclusively, the third week of August has been very rough and very emotional.

One thing that I typically do (and have done pretty much my entire life) when I am in ~a mood~ is listen to lots and lots of my lifetime-long favourite band, Fleetwood Mac, which usually leads to me leaving the house in an outfit like this. I think wearing all black can be oddly empowering and makes me feel good about myself when I'm not really feeling too great. What are some things you like to do when you're in a funk? I'd love to take any advice during this time.

Sorry to come back with such a dismal post. To make up for my weird place currently, I will focus on the positive and share some things that made me smile despite the week being rough.

Good things from this week:
That's all for now. Apologies once again that I couldn't be my usual chipper self this week. I've got lots of exciting stuff coming up, however, so that will be sure to lighten my mood, and I cannot wait to share them with you!

Until then, enjoy the rest of summer, and for those who are starting school, best of luck with your classes!

Stay sweet 

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dress: american apparel | hat: borrowed from jessie | tights: target | boots: vintage | handbag: vintage (with betsey johnson strap) | necklace: thrifted | rings: vintage

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