Dark Side of the Moon

22 August 2015

Hello, there! Long time, no see! I wish I had a better excuse for my absence these past few weeks other than I've just been incredibly busy and distracted lately. And also sick. Very, very sick. I have barely slept in weeks due to a very bad cough, which is thankfully, I am hoping, reaching its end. It has been difficult to get myself to leave the house because of this, let alone pull together a full ensemble cute enough to share here.

Overall, this past week has been entirely disastrous (which, according to my dearest Jessie, could be due to the current Venus Retrograde, for all of you astrology fans), for myself and nearly everyone I am close with and see regularly. I am not going to go into details, mostly because some are not mine to give, and ones that are are not something I'm entirely comfortable about discussing, but this week's events have left me feeling quite melancholy. The weather going from cheery and bright to dark and gloomy right after one key event responsible for my mood did not help matters much either. Conclusively, the third week of August has been very rough and very emotional.

One thing that I typically do (and have done pretty much my entire life) when I am in ~a mood~ is listen to lots and lots of my lifetime-long favourite band, Fleetwood Mac, which usually leads to me leaving the house in an outfit like this. I think wearing all black can be oddly empowering and makes me feel good about myself when I'm not really feeling too great. What are some things you like to do when you're in a funk? I'd love to take any advice during this time.

Sorry to come back with such a dismal post. To make up for my weird place currently, I will focus on the positive and share some things that made me smile despite the week being rough.

Good things from this week:
That's all for now. Apologies once again that I couldn't be my usual chipper self this week. I've got lots of exciting stuff coming up, however, so that will be sure to lighten my mood, and I cannot wait to share them with you!

Until then, enjoy the rest of summer, and for those who are starting school, best of luck with your classes!

Stay sweet 

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dress: american apparel | hat: borrowed from jessie | tights: target | boots: vintage | handbag: vintage (with betsey johnson strap) | necklace: thrifted | rings: vintage

Two-Year Anniversary (+Giveaway!)

09 August 2015

EEEEE!! ♡ I am so excited to announce that today is the 2-year anniversary of my very first blog post here on The Petite Pixie! It's been an incredible two years, and I look forward to many more to come. I'm slowly learning the ropes of this whole blogging thing, and can't wait to grow even more with all of you supporting me.

Perhaps you remember last year, when I did a special giveaway for my 1 year anniversary. Well, that giveaway helped my blog so much and really encouraged me to try new things with blogging, so I decided to host another one in celebration of blogging for 2 years!

The prizes consist of a few small tokens I feel accurately represent The Petite Pixie's style, aesthetic, and mood, as well as some beauty goodies and a $20 gift voucher to me and my roomie's new "shop my closet" online shop--The Nymph and the Pixie!

The Prizes: 

  • $20 Voucher for The Nymph and the Pixie (opening soon!)
  • Teal Glasses (from ModCloth)
  • 2 polka-dot bow hairclips
  • Handmade felt "Mermaids Against Misogyny" button
  • Collar necklace
  • H&M pastel stud bracelets (set of 3)
  • 2 face masks (detoxifying + peel-off)
  • 2 Rimmel London 60-Second Nail Polish
  • 3 emery boards
  • Sweet Pea scented mini candle
  • A mirror that attaches to your mobile phone
  • Trolli Crawlers (my favourite!!!)

How to Enter:

Use the widget below and follow the instructions to enter the giveaway! Each action performed will count toward your number of entries. The more you share, the more chances you have to win, so come back every day for more entry possibilities!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

**The giveaway begins today, 9 August 2015 and ends 9 September 2015--that's a whole month to enter!**

Thank you so much for two lovely years! It's been an absolute dream. I can't wait to see what I will have done come year 3!

Stay sweet  ♡


08 August 2015

This past Thursday was my 21st birthday!! I feel so unbelievably lucky to have such incredible people in my life to celebrate with. Spending my 21st in San Francisco was an absolute dream--I visited the ModCloth Fit Shop downtown and tried on some very beautiful pieces (and purchased a couple!), picked up some freebies from Sephora, and made lots of memories. 

For those of you who may be wondering/care--I am not a huge drinker, but I figured you only turn 21 once, so I partook in a couple of cocktails, now that I can legally purchase them. My first drink was an appletini at Elephant Bar in Daly City! Growing up, my favourite television show was Scrubs, so ever since I was a kid, I always said that my first drink when I turn 21 would be an appletini (a reference to the show). I always assumed I would hate it, but still needed to do it anyway. I was actually pleasantly surprised (you can see my reaction on Vine here)! Later in the night, I had a strawberry daiquiri at Cheesecake Factory at Union Square and then a fuzzy navel at The Edge, a bar in the Castro. I had no intention of getting wasted or anything like that, so these three spread throughout the day were enough for me to enjoy my birthday!

As per usual, I picked out a special birthday dress to wear this year! This one in particular is from ModCloth, and I'm absolutely in love with it. Unfortunately, after my fit session, myself, my roomie/BFF Jessie, and a handful of ModStylists couldn't zip it back up! The zipper ended up breaking entirely (don't you just hate those plastic zippers?), so I was pinned up with safety pins. Not the best way to start off my day, but the team there was kind enough to offer me $20 off the shoes I had been eyeing considering the circumstances--so that was one way to make my day!

Speaking of shoes, aren't these shoes to die for? For years I had been dying for a pair of Miu Miu shoes (after always seeing them on Elle Fanning, a style icon of mine). I managed to score this vintage pair for $16 at a Goodwill in Berkeley! Can you believe that? (And yes--they're real!) I couldn't believe my luck, so I was ecstatic when I realised that they matched my birthday dress perfectly.

That about wraps up my day! Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday and made it oh, so special! And a happy birthday to my fellow Leo's out there!

I want to know--for those readers 21 and over--how did you celebrate your 21st? Let me know in the comments!!

Stay sweet ♡ 

P.S. My two-year blog anniversary is coming up! Stay tuned tomorrow for a giveaway!!

dress: modcloth | shoes: vintage miu miu | belt: from another dress, macy's | tiara: claire's | watch: target

*photos by my big brother, Josh

Rotary Dial

04 August 2015

Summer school is finally coming to a close today (just in time for my birthday)! Although it was a lot of work condensed into 7 weeks of classes, I took classes that were perfect for summer--a creative writing course in which we write original short stories, which really got my creative juices flowing, and a seminar course in which we see performances and come back to discuss them as a class. The latter of the two gave me plenty of opportunities to dress up, whether for the symphony, the theatre, or a jazz club. 

My favourite event to plan an outfit for was The EXIT Theatre's production of "The Desk Set"--a play taking place in the 1950s. I curled my newly-dyed bright pink hair and threw on this vintage-inspired, full-skirted dress and enjoyed myself a good show. Although I never need an excuse to rock a 50s silhouette, it's always fun to make an excuse for one ;).

This Betsey Johnson rotary phone handbag has been my go-to bag for almost two years now, and it fit in perfectly with my little 1950s theme--not to mention I can never leave the house without getting so many compliments on it, as well as turn some heads when I use the phone for actual phone calls (yes, the phone bit really works through my mobile phone!).

This is an outfit that I felt very much me in, after a while of feeling like I was losing myself in my fashion choices. Sometimes I get lost in what I "should" be wearing or what is popular, but once I fall back on retro looks like this, I am most happy and feel most myself. Something worthy of taking note of! Does that ever happen to anyone else? I want to know!

Happy August to everyone, and enjoy your last few weeks of summer!

Stay sweet 

P.S. My 2 year blog anniversary is coming up real soon! Be sure to be on the look out for a special giveaway!

dress: thrifted (originally h&m) | handbag: betsey johnson | shoes: vintage | socks: topshop

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