08 July 2015

Now for something quite a bit different (and possibly controversial?) from my usual outfit posts. Last weekend (27-28 June) was the annual Pride celebration here in San Francisco, coincidentally one day after marriage was legalised for same-sex couples in all 50 states. Needless to say, it was a historic event to say the least, and I was privileged enough to be here during summer for the first time (as I mentioned in my last post)! Obviously, I was thrilled to be in my beautiful, loving, and colourful city to celebrate this great accomplishment for the LGBTQA+ community, something I myself have been supporting and fighting for for 7+ years. As a proud ally and friend of lovely LGBTQA+ folk, I consider this a personal victory as well, despite it not directly affecting me.

#SFpride 2015 will definitely be a weekend I will never forget and proudly tell my children, who will hopefully, if I raise them right, be in shock that there were ever laws against equal marriage. I wish that I was in more of a celebratory mood the day of the parade (my phone had been stolen from my back pocket the day before and I was still a bit traumatised) so that I could go all out in costume and party in commemoration of this victory. I did however see the parade, purchased a magnet, and took photos so that I could still have the memories, despite not being a fan of large crowds (especially tourists...sorry!)

Congratulations to my LGBTQA+ friends who have fought to get married and now have the right. There is still much to be done to ensure a better, safer, happier world for the LGBTQA+ community, so let's not stop here.

Did you go to Pride anywhere in the country? I want to hear your experience! Let me know in the comments. What's your opinion on Obergefell vs. Hodges? I'm curious as to where my readers stand on this important issue. (Please avoid offensive slurs and hateful language, this blog is and will remain an LGBTQA+ safe environment.)

Stay sweet 

*Photos by me. Photos taken in downtown San Francisco (in order of appearance: Mission Street, Market Street, Civic Centre)

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