Barbary Coast

05 July 2015

Hello, everyone! How's your summer going? I am simply loving being in my home of San Francisco for summer for the first time in my three years of university. Probably the best part about being in San Francisco is being able to still wear coats--much like this vintage one my grandmother gave me--even in July! I've also had the great privilege of seeing tonnes of shows (some starring my close friends) and dressing up for the occasion. This has given me the opportunity to learn how to dress up my wardrobe as well as learn cute, easy hairstyles for special occasions.

Speaking of hair, as you can see, I am blonde now! Probably just a temporary look, but so far I have been quite fulfilling the prophecy of sporting this new colour, and having a lot of fun. What do you think?? It will probably just be temporary, but I feel it suits me better than I had expected it would. 

Hope you are all enjoying your summer! I am thinking about making a thrifting haul video... let me know in the comments if that's something you'd like to see!

Stay sweet  

P.S. Sorry for the delay in this post! I've just had my mobile phone stolen from me, which had several outfit photos I had been meaning to write posts about, but never had the chance! :-( Bummer. 

dress: thrifted (originally forever 21) | coat: vintage from my grandmother | heels: thrifted | handbag: vintage | brooch & rings: vintage

*Photos by the best roomie ever--Jessie


  1. I'm devastatingly in love with San Francisco.<333 And I can't wait to return in September! The blonde looks very lovely on you. ~.o

    Vegetarian Courtesy

  2. Such an adorable outfit! And OMG the gif - please do a tutorial!!! *__*


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