27 July 2015

Hello there! How is your summer treating you? Lately I've been doing something that is quite out of the ordinary--going outside. Being very fair skinned and just a city girl in general, the outdoors and myself do not usually mix well (I always find some way to hurt myself/get burnt/etc...), but since it is summer time and the weather has been unusually warm, I've taken it upon myself to attempt to brave nature every so often. I find it difficult to be comfortable outdoors and still look cute (another reason I don't do it often), but this past weekend I managed to do so and survived, which I will say, has convinced me maybe nature isn't all bad...

Nah, I'm not entirely opposed to the idea of being in the wilderness/sun, it has just never been something that appeals to me, which I am trying to change! I think stepping out of your comfort zone every once in a while is really important for self-growth/discovery/etc.! What I need to remember, however, is to know my limits and not go overboard... 

Self-growth is one of my main focuses this summer. Although I'm incredibly busy with summer school and other sorts of things, I am really trying to get out of my comfort zone this summer, put myself out there, do things just for me, and try and be a better person. A lot to tackle, possibly, but so far I've found myself a lot happier as a result, and can't wait to keep going from here.

Summer is almost coming to a close. What did you accomplish this summer? Are there still things on your to-do list? Let me know!

Stay sweet ♡  

P.S. I have pink hair now! Not the same pink as those photos above, but still pink! What do you think?? 

playsuit: vintage | cardigan: thrifted (originally gap) belt: thrifted (originally madewell) handbag: vintage | socks: gift (originally h&m) shoes: old


16 July 2015

This past weekend I had the distinct pleasure of seeing my all-time favourite (modern) band/, Death Cab for Cutie, in concert for the first time !!!! We stood super close and it was overall very emotional (especially when they performed "What Sarah Said") because words cannot describe how much their music has done for me in my short life.....but anyway! 

I bought the world's softest jumper at the concert and have quite literally been finding any way to incorporate it into my outfits every day since the concert on Saturday. On that note, this summer has been very much about black and grey for me--which is very new. It could be because I was recently asked by a friend "Do you even own any black???" (yes, I'm talking about you, James), or maybe it's because I have discovered (through lots of changing room experimentation) wearing black is kind of empowering and I like that. Whatever the reason, I am glad this amazing DCFC jumper goes along with most of my outfits--especially since here in San Francisco it tends to get rather chilly, even in the middle of July.

For this outfit in particular, which I wore the day after the concert, I felt like celebrating their latest album Kintsugi; a method in which cracks and flaws in broken pottery is embellished with gold or silver (which I referenced with gold elements in my accessories), rather than covered up. The philosophy behind kintsugi celebrates the imperfect, and claims that breakage is part of the history of something, as opposed to something that should be hidden. I've been taking this to heart lately, and am (attempting) to apply it to my own self, through my body image, etc. Reading up on this has really changed the way I view things that I consider "flaws" in myself. I still have a lot of work to do on my own self-esteem, as many of us do, but I'm happy to see myself making steps in the right direction toward self-love~

Have you been to any concerts this summer? What are some of your favourite bands? I have been trying to get into new music, so if you have any recommendations, leave them in the comments and I'll be sure to check them out! As for me, I will be focusing myself on healing my post-concert depression by watching all of the videos and photos I took

Stay sweet ♡

jumper: dcfc concert | top: charlotte russe | skirt: american apparel (thrifted) | belt: vintage | shoes: old | handbag: betsey johnson (gifted) | sunnies: thrifted | jewellery: all vintage

*Photos of me by Ryan S.; concert photos by me


08 July 2015

Now for something quite a bit different (and possibly controversial?) from my usual outfit posts. Last weekend (27-28 June) was the annual Pride celebration here in San Francisco, coincidentally one day after marriage was legalised for same-sex couples in all 50 states. Needless to say, it was a historic event to say the least, and I was privileged enough to be here during summer for the first time (as I mentioned in my last post)! Obviously, I was thrilled to be in my beautiful, loving, and colourful city to celebrate this great accomplishment for the LGBTQA+ community, something I myself have been supporting and fighting for for 7+ years. As a proud ally and friend of lovely LGBTQA+ folk, I consider this a personal victory as well, despite it not directly affecting me.

#SFpride 2015 will definitely be a weekend I will never forget and proudly tell my children, who will hopefully, if I raise them right, be in shock that there were ever laws against equal marriage. I wish that I was in more of a celebratory mood the day of the parade (my phone had been stolen from my back pocket the day before and I was still a bit traumatised) so that I could go all out in costume and party in commemoration of this victory. I did however see the parade, purchased a magnet, and took photos so that I could still have the memories, despite not being a fan of large crowds (especially tourists...sorry!)

Congratulations to my LGBTQA+ friends who have fought to get married and now have the right. There is still much to be done to ensure a better, safer, happier world for the LGBTQA+ community, so let's not stop here.

Did you go to Pride anywhere in the country? I want to hear your experience! Let me know in the comments. What's your opinion on Obergefell vs. Hodges? I'm curious as to where my readers stand on this important issue. (Please avoid offensive slurs and hateful language, this blog is and will remain an LGBTQA+ safe environment.)

Stay sweet 

*Photos by me. Photos taken in downtown San Francisco (in order of appearance: Mission Street, Market Street, Civic Centre)

Birthday Wishlist

06 July 2015

Helloooo! It's summer, and typically when I think summer, the first thing on my mind is my birthday, which is coming real soon (6th August, one month from today!!)! If you know me, you know that I love making a big deal about my birthday and love being the centre of attention (actor's curse). This year is particularly special, because it's my 21st birthday, which is apparently a big deal here in the U.S. Although I am not really one for alcohol, it will be nice to be able to get into bars, events. etc. with age restrictions.

One part I love about my birthday is creating a dream birthday wishlist in my head. Obviously, I do not expect any (especially not all) of these items listed to be given to me on my birthday, nor do I think gifts are entirely necessary to enjoy one's birthday--wishlists are just fun to create! This also works as a gift guide to give an idea to those who may want to get me a little something. Mostly, I am looking forward to spending my birthday with close friends and having a good time (as well as dressing up!).   

Let's move on to the actual items (my "must-have's" are highlighted


I'm absolutely obsessed with rose gold. I have been for a couple of years now and it hasn't managed to go away quite yet (sorry, purse!). Here are a few rose gold things I have been eyeing for quite some time and, in an ideal world, would love to get my hands on.

American Apparel is one of my favourite brands, and every summer I get back into wearing their clothes. AA is my favourite stop for basics, but because they are a bit on the pricey side, they make for a good wishlist! Lately, I've been very into buying black from the brand.


This year and this summer especially I've been getting more into beauty--whether repairing my newly damaged hair, styling my hair on a more regular basis, improving makeup skills, or taking better care of my skin. Because of this, I've been slowly building up my beauty collection to better quality products. These are just a few that I've been eyeing lately.
That's about it! Anyone else's birthday coming up? What's on your wishlist? Let me know in the comments! Or let me know if you like anything on my wishlist!
Stay sweet 

Barbary Coast

05 July 2015

Hello, everyone! How's your summer going? I am simply loving being in my home of San Francisco for summer for the first time in my three years of university. Probably the best part about being in San Francisco is being able to still wear coats--much like this vintage one my grandmother gave me--even in July! I've also had the great privilege of seeing tonnes of shows (some starring my close friends) and dressing up for the occasion. This has given me the opportunity to learn how to dress up my wardrobe as well as learn cute, easy hairstyles for special occasions.

Speaking of hair, as you can see, I am blonde now! Probably just a temporary look, but so far I have been quite fulfilling the prophecy of sporting this new colour, and having a lot of fun. What do you think?? It will probably just be temporary, but I feel it suits me better than I had expected it would. 

Hope you are all enjoying your summer! I am thinking about making a thrifting haul video... let me know in the comments if that's something you'd like to see!

Stay sweet  

P.S. Sorry for the delay in this post! I've just had my mobile phone stolen from me, which had several outfit photos I had been meaning to write posts about, but never had the chance! :-( Bummer. 

dress: thrifted (originally forever 21) | coat: vintage from my grandmother | heels: thrifted | handbag: vintage | brooch & rings: vintage

*Photos by the best roomie ever--Jessie
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