Cherry Bomb

07 June 2015

I'm back! Sorry about my absence...yet again! The end of my Junior year at university was incredibly hectic, and just as things are starting to calm down, there's only a week left until summer school begins! My hard work has been really paying off, however, as I passed my last semester with straight A's (hooray!!!)! Even more exciting, I now officially have a permanent home in San Francisco! No more dorm life for me! It's been a rough road house hunting, but my roommate, Jessie, and I finally found our dream home that's absolutely perfect for us (maybe even a little too big) with a great deal of help, and I can't wait to share it with all of you once it's set up! 

While all this craziness has been taking up most of my mind space, I found some time in-between to take photos of outfits I've worn and loved to share with all of you. This means there will be a few outdated looks (and by outdated, I mean that I am blonde now!) 

This little red look (and watching a lot of Mad Men) really sparked my more mature fashion awakening. Oddly, this means I've noticed that I have more of an interest dressing the way that I liked to when I was 15, which was entirely '50s-'60s inspired housewife type looks. This has also inspired the d├ęcor for my bedroom in my house, which I can't wait to share with you! Probably the biggest change for me is that I've been wearing heels more often than ever. This may not be the most convenient style of dress for living in hilly San Francisco, but it definitely gives me a confidence boost! Despite it being summertime, a vintage-inspired faux-fur coat in San Francisco is always a must.

In an effort to simply and re-brand myself, I will be selling some clothes I no longer want for discounted prices (including pieces that have been featured on the blog!) on a collaborative page alongside my roommate, Jessie. Once it's completed, I will definitely be sharing it with you all to check out, so be on the lookout for that!

Stay sweet 

dress: vintage | belt: secondhand faux fur coat: forever 21 | handbag: vintage | heart earrings: vintage | shoes: old | pins: handmade ("Cherry Cola" by Rachael, "Nate" by me)

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