Apartment Wishlist: The Kitchen

16 November 2014

My boyfriend Chris and I are currently undergoing our first ever apartment hunt in the city! Although pretty stressful on top of everything else (finals and school work, two shows, two films etc...), I am getting more and more excited as it comes closer to moving time (we are hoping for next month! eek!)! The part that I am looking the most forward to is decorating it and making it our own, so I've decided to do a little apartment wishlist series here on the blog! Obviously I have to be conscious of not making it too girly, as I will not be the only one living there...but I can't help but keep finding such cute things! Overall, I think we've agreed to a modern-meets-mid-century type design, as we like aspects of both. Of course, it is our first place, so it can't be everything we ever dreamed, and we should probably start out with a lot more basics than character, but a girl can still dream!

I've decided to kick off this series with the part I am most excited about organising...the kitchen!! I already have been collecting a few things to start the kitchen off over the past year or so (mason jars to drink from, a cute retro apron, etc.), but I found these cute little accessories above and am just so smitten!

  1. MaxiMatic EBK-200 Elite Cuisine 3-in-1 Multifunction Breakfast Deluxe Toaster Oven/Griddle/Coffee Maker ($39.99) - I am not much of a coffee drinker, but since Chris is and I love a good morning bagel, I thought this would be the perfect little gadget for us to have in our kitchen! It will surely save some much-needed counter space as well, since I imagine we surely won't have a deluxe kitchen.
  2. Modcloth Kitten Confidential Shaker Set ($12.99) - This isn't so much of a necessity as it is just a cute and fun way of decorating the kitchen, with function. I love novelty shaker sets, and we are huge cat people, so I just died when I found this one!
  3. Modcloth This Time Tea-Morrow Set ($54.99) - Like I said, I don't care for coffee, but I could have a cup of tea anytime of the day! I loved this simple set with a classic tea pot included, and love how it's all organised together. Utilising space is definitely needed anywhere we can get it.
  4. Plum & Bow Patterned Measuring Spoon Set  ($14.00) - As a perfectionist, measuring spoons and cups are a must when cooking or baking! I really liked these on Urban Outfitters' website. Ideally, I would like a set bigger than 4, but the patterns were too cute to pass up.
  5. Retro Planet Cooking Tools Cutting Board ($27.99) - What's a proper kitchen without a good cutting board to make a mess on? I fell in love with this one from Retro Planet. The colours are perfect, and it's also a nice little reminder of what is needed to complete a kitchen! ;-)
  6. Modcloth Dream and Sugar Tea Set ($64.00) - Yes, yet another tea set. This one was just so perfect and sweet! I've loved hearts my whole life, so heart-shaped plates and tea cups? Sign me up. I also love the colour scheme and gold edging. So classy!
  7. Present Time Mix and Match Cutlery Set ($47.77) - This is probably the one thing on this list that I want the most. I saw this cutlery set some time ago on Modcloth and have been wanting it for ages. Modcloth recently stopped selling it so I was so thrilled to find it on Amazon! Every piece is just perfect, and besides, without flatware how would we eat?
That's it for my dream kitchen! If you come across any cute mid-century inspired kitchen accessories, or any other home decor that I might like or that you love, share them in the comments! Also let me know which of these is your favourite!

Stay sweet 



02 November 2014

This past Friday (as I'm sure you know) was Halloween!!! I've always loved Halloween, (which may explain why I chose to be an actor) and celebrating Halloween in a couple is double the fun. For our second Halloween together, Chris and I decided to dress up as one of our current favourite things ever, Bee and Puppycat (click here if you haven't seen it!)! Perfectly enough, the cartoon will launch into a series beginning this week! Anyway, we had a lot of fun with this particular costume, and I can't wait to start brainstorming for next year!

On actual Halloween day, it was rainy and crazy (thanks to a Giants parade), and on top of it I had a 6 hour class, so we decided to have a relaxed evening at the cinema instead of going out. We had already technically celebrated last week Saturday at our friends' party (when these photos were taken) so it seemed justified. Here are some of my favourite photos from that party!

I'd say this year's Halloween season was a success. Now I am off to eat the rest of my candy for every meal! What did you do for Halloween? Did you dress up and go out or stay in? Let me know in the comments!

Stay sweet (like candy corn!) 

jumper: h&m | collared shirt: old navy | shorts: forever 21 | bee: diy | brogues: thrifted

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