30 October 2014

Hello there! With midterms finally over, I've been trying to make time for a little bit of leisure. I've been really wanting to go thrifting, (since I hadn't been since coming back to San Francisco!) so when the opportunity for Halloween shopping arose with some close friends, I couldn't help but take out a little bit of money to treat myself for surviving the semester thus far! I can hardly believe I'm already a junior in university... it all seemed to go by so quickly! It definitely is a lot more work than before, but I couldn't be having more fun!

I've had a super lucky time shopping lately. I managed to score these beautiful "saddle shoes" (they're really golf shoes, but who cares, right?) and this perfect skirt as well as a number of great items I can't wait to share! I decided to complete this thrifty outfit with one of my favourite all-time thrifted finds--this bag! It's pretty worn, but I just love the artwork on it. Interestingly enough, I found a smaller bag with the same image at a Goodwill here in San Francisco, and I found my bag in Hawaii! I love when weird coincidences like that happen.

Stay sweet ♡

top: secondhand (thanks, magdalena!) | skirt: vintage | socks: topshop | golf shoes: thrifted | bag: thrifted

*Photos by Ryan (thx bb :*)

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