15 June 2014

Last night, my parents and I celebrated an early Father's Day by having dinner at a local restaurant called Prima. It is relatively new so I hadn't ever been. I was a bit hesitant after not knowing a single ingredient on the menu, but after tasting I was delightfully surprised! I'm a pretty cheap date, so these fancy restaurants aren't usually my thing, but it's always nice to have an excuse to get all dolled up--not that any other guests jumped at that opportunity. It is a bit too hot and humid here to make the effort to actually look nice when leaving the house, but I try my best. 

I will now take the time to gush about my most recent ~big purchase--my Kate Spade bag!!! I've been a huge fan of Kate Spade for I-don't-even-know-how-long and have always said I would buy one of her handbags for myself and the day has finally come! When I heard about the outlet opening up on the island, I couldn't help but take a peek...and inside happened to be the most me handbag imaginable (aside from my Betsey Johnson phone bag, which I was wearing that day and every worker in the store raved about!). The colour, the scalloped edges, the size (●♡∀♡) everything about this bag was just perfect--especially the price at 40% off the discount price and additional 20% off celebrating the grand opening! You'll be seeing a lot more of this bag, but not too much, as I want to keep it for only special occasions... (primarily when I'm back in the city, it just wouldn't be safe to walk around with a designer handbag every day!)

Stay sweet & Happy Father's Day! ♡

dress: from a fashion show | shoes: karen scott | handbag: kate spade


  1. That bag is TO DIE FOR. Wonder if there'll be any left by the time I get back to the island?! xxx

    1. Oh there were a TON girl! we would be so cute with matching bags!!!!


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