Coral Conundrum

28 May 2014

Well, hello there! It's been a little bit since I've posted. The last few weeks have been absolutely crazy what with finals, moving everything out of my room to my parents' condo in Sacramento, and finally flying back to Hawaii for the summer. Thankfully things have finally calmed down and I am left with some very lazy days! Today, I decided to get out of the (incredibly warm) house and hit the mall (and the cinema for Godzilla!) with my old chum/mega babe Shannon (you can find her on Tumblr and Instagram)! It was nice to actually get dolled up after nearly a week of only wearing boxers and a T-shirt--and Shannon and I just so happened to match perfectly.

Shannon is wearing a playsuit from Cookies and runners by Vans
I initially wasn't going to come back here for the summer. Although Hawaii would be the ideal holiday spot for most people, I struggle finding happiness here anymore after the things I've gone through and having to be in a long distance relationship (6 hours behind and 6,000 miles away--eek!). Each time I come back I think I'll be able to overcome the past, but am having a lot of trouble lately. I'm hoping to get all of those sorts of things figured out so that I can move on and be happy the way I can when in San Francisco.

But other than that sad stuff, I am looking forward to many things this summer as well--like seeing Miranda Sings live this coming weekend! If you haven't heard of her I highly suggest you check her out if you check her out on YouTube, she's brilliant...if you have a sense of humour! Hope you all are doing swell, and stay warm! And of course, as always...

Stay sweet ♡

dress: enfocus petite | belt: forever 21 | flats: banana republic 

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