05 April 2014

Lately, I've found myself so busy that the time I am actually in my room is the time I take to sleep. Thankfully, though, yesterday I had majority of the day to do whatever I wished...and what I wished to do was go shopping! I've been in need of some major retail therapy lately, and since I've recently made some money acting, I went and did just that.

This week, my all-time favourite television programme, How I Met Your Mother came to an end, something I have been equally anticipating and dreading for the past few years I got into it. Despite the very negative general public reaction, I've come to accept and love the ending myself, mostly because this show is more than a show to me (cue sappy music). Needless to say, I've been a bit... empty, in overly-dramatic fangirl terms.

Things should be picking up soon, hopefully, as the show I am currently help with closes tonight (I've had to wear black every few days for the past few weeks, rehearsals included...which explains my lack of outfit posts), and I will have much more time to myself---meaning many more colour in my wardrobe, and inevitably a more chipper mood!

Stay sweet ♡

dress: hand-embroidered, forever 21 | skirt (worn as petticoat): target | tights: target | shoes: bait footwear | belt: h&m (from a dress)

*Photo thanks to Chris

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