13 April 2014

This week I spent a lot of time in reminiscence. When I was younger my fashion and lifestyle was greatly influenced by the 1970s thanks to an unhealthy obsession with Stevie Nicks. That obsession was revisited due to news that my all-time favourite band Fleetwood Mac is having a reunion tour and will be performing within walking distance of my parents' condo in Sacramento later this year! In preparation for seeing them for the second time (this time actually with the lovely Christine McVie!) I was doing what I did most on the internet at age 12 and 13, watching the latest Stevie Nicks interviews and specials, particularly focusing on an episode of Oprah's Master Class that came out just last year.

It all inspired me to focus on the flowy aesthetic of the 1970s I love so much (and perhaps repurchase those black lace witchy numbers I used to wear daily) such as this maxi dress that I stole from my mother's closet many years back. The wind definitely helped show off just how flowy the dress is that day! Perhaps I will collect enough for the perfect concert ensemble by November!

Stay sweet ♡ 

cardigan: old navy | dress: vintage | satchel: modcloth | shoes: vintage | necklace: macy's (?) [old]

*Photos thanks to Chris

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