Spring Break

14 March 2014

It's officially Spring Break!! Although I am not able to go off on holiday because of rehearsal, I am looking forward to the week that will consist of me sleeping in and taking lots of naps. I am also hoping to find more time to film more videos for my YouTube channel throughout the period as well, so head on over and subscribe to look out for those!

It's been unusually sunny and warm here in San Francisco as of late, which is a nice change from the cold we typically experience year-round. I was able to leave my building with bare legs for a change, and with this fuzzy angora jumper, I was even sweating quite a bit!

These past few weeks have not been easy for me, it seems as if I have been having the worst luck! However, things are finally beginning to turn around, and I can wake up with a smile on my face. I'm finding that embracing the little things that go right rather than the little things that go wrong can improve my mood immensely. Let's just hope that this new philosophy sticks for the remainder of a very busy semester!

Stay sweet ♡

jumper, iridescent bag: h&m | socks: gift (originally from h&m) | skirt: forever 21 | jellies: juju jellies via american apparel 

*Photos thanks to Chris


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