Oh, Happy Day

31 January 2014

Good morning, everyone! January is just about to draw to a close and boy, has it been a busy one for me! The month has been full of packing and unpacking, car journeys, airline flights, cats, cleaning, and moving! I am happy to say I am now settled into my new living space back in San Francisco and everything is finally beginning to calm down and fall into place.

Last week, I took a 5 day trip to see my family (and all the cats!) in Hawaii just before school started. It went by quickly, as it was full of appointments I can only make in that state, but I still managed to make time to have a little bit of fun. I met up with old chum Rachael and we went to an event I used to look forward to every month--Art + Flea (you can see more photos of us on their website), which has a different theme each time. January's theme was Happy Days, and being a huge fan of 1950's fashion (I love my '50s car motif socks from Topshop [below]!), I began planning my outfit weeks in advanced. Although it felt as if I'd outgrown it all somehow (despite, oddly enough, being younger than most of its tenders), it was nice to make some time to see Rachael and hang out like old times. However, I am beyond excited to be back in the city and in the swing of school once more. Lots of exciting things are happening in February and I can't wait to share it with all of you!

Stay sweet ♡

P.S. Now you've seen my new hair! Although, the humidity in Hawaii does absolutely nothing for it.

crop top: american apparel | cardigan: macy's | skirt: american apparel | socks: topshop | stockings: gift | suspenders: victoria's secret | handbag: betsey johnson | shoes: bait footwear

Bubble Mint Gum

12 January 2014

Perhaps I am a tad late on this but... here is, officially, my first post of the new year! Although we are now currently two weeks into 2014, I wanted to make my first outfit post of this year something so very quintessentially me--and what better way to do so than to dress in pink and mint '60s-inspired attire? Despite loving to experiment with fashion, I found that 2013 was filled with many "I don't care what I look like" days, which is very unlike me, so I figure 2014 will be different. Throughout last year I found myself thinking "I need more of this in my wardrobe because there's too much of this" when in reality, there was too much of a certain thing because it is the most me, and I should embrace that (despite wanting a very versatile and full collection of ensembles)!

Furthermore, 2014 shall be a fine year indeed. I plan on making a video for YouTube (my first ever--eek!) very soon listing my many resolutions and wishes for the coming year and will share it with you when I do so. Knowing my timing as of late, the video will probably be posted come February...

The reasoning behind the belatedness of this post is nothing other than I haven't had much reason to get up and dolled up. I've mostly just been lazing around in my current residence playing video games and watching Netflix with the in my pyjamas. I have, however, had my hair dyed and will show that to you all very soon as well! Maybe I should get dressed and get out more often, because it truly is amazing how good I feel about myself with makeup and a poofy skirt!

Stay sweet ♡

crop top: american apparel | jacket: vintage | skirt: target | socks: topshop | shoes: bait footwear | handbag: vintage | wig: ebay

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