Snow Faerie

22 December 2013

Hello, everyone, and happy holidays! Class is finally out for me and I am currently getting settled down in Sacramento, where I will be spending the next month relaxing and assuredly taking many outfit photos! This one is, as usual, long overdue, as it was taken during exams and up until now I have had no time to myself, whether it be due to work or school! Although stressful, I had a lovely last few weeks in the city! I moved to a new room, did some shopping, changed up my beauty routine, and was even able to see The Nutcracker live, which was quite nostalgic--I was in it twice in high school!

I wore this on the day of my Singing II final, and was feeling quite faerie like with my sparkly belts and socks and pastel tones (which I sport year-round!). I never quite understood why people considered dark colours to be winter hues. I always think of pale blues and whites when it comes to winter time. I guess that's why I'm not much of a trend follower. 

I hope you all are keeping warm (or cool, depending on where you are in the world!) and enjoying your holiday season! I'm looking forward to some quality family (and cat!) time!

Stay sweet ♡

top: h&m | necklace: banana republic | skirt: target | belts: forever 21 | tights, socks, shoes: h&m

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