Happy Holidays!

03 December 2013

(I don't know what happened to my eyes in this photo nor why they are black...)

Hello, sprinkled doughnuts! Thanksgiving just passed which means Christmas is on its way! I celebrated my 17th American Thanksgiving by travelling up to Sacramento with Chris and staying in my parents' lovely little condo where my big brother resides! My favourite part about the holidays besides spreading cheer is the food! On Thanksgiving, we had some delicious homemade stuffing (concocted by my very talented boyfriend!), irresistible green bean casserole, and my all-time favourite food year round, mashed potatoes! I won't have my personal chefs (mum and Chris ;-) ) for Christmas, so I'm glad I got to partake in some goodies this holiday!

Okay, you must be wondering, "Wait, I thought she had a wig!" Well, a couple of weeks ago I chopped off my own hair so that it would grow out better, and I think it's pretty cute! Don't worry, my lovely dark locks still make an appearance every once in a while (I was wearing it this day as well, but my head got itchy!). For now, however, I like to have my natural hair out when I can...mostly because I'm lazy, but also because it's nice to not have to pull my hair down every 10 minutes.

I hope all of you in America had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend (and safe & efficient Black Friday shopping!) and let the countdown to Christmas (or whatever non-denominational winter holiday you may or may not celebrate) commence!
Stay sweet ♡

dress: forever 21 | tights: forever 21 | headband: handmade by mum!

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  1. You're too adorable!!
    I love that outfit. c:



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