Peaches and Cream

18 October 2013

Hello there, everyone! Yesterday, I decided to actively look cute, which is, regrettably, becoming more and more uncommon considering I have to look sharp for work these days. I was eager to wear my brand new Topshop shoes, part of my first purchase from my first paycheque! I thought they were too cute to pass up, despite not having much red in my wardrobe collection--something I want to change very soon! I rummaged through my closet to find something to match, and I found this dress I bought over a year ago at Forever 21! I loved the collar and puffy sleeves! Incidentally, Sammi of The Soubrette Brunette wore the same dress in a post recently that I loved, so I was thinking of her all day! I have been unsure about the print ever since I bought it... she says apples, and I was told peaches! They could even be mangoes for all I know. For now, I will just refer to it as my "fruit dress". It gets my so excited for autumn!

In other news, isn't my hair getting so long?! I guess you all don't really know unless you read my old blog, but this past April I cut my hair to pixie cut length (perfect for The Petite Pixie, no?), and have been desperately trying to grow it back. It's growing so fast and it's so healthy since I've been avoiding heat and colouring. I'm really excited, and I hope it will be at least shoulder length come holiday season. What are you all looking forward to?

Stay sweet ♡

dress: forever 21 | belt: from another dress | shoes: topshop


  1. You are so sweet to mention me!! You're right that they might be peaches. I think I bought it online and thought that the description said apples, but who knows with F21 (I saw a skirt on there that said the print was apples and reviewers said they were definitely peaches, so maybe they don't understand the difference, hah). I LOVE the way you styled this. Those shoes are DARLING (I need some kind of red flats!), and the yellow belt is lovely. Also, I'm obsessed with stained glass windows and the ones in your entryway are beautiful. :)

    xox Sammi

    1. you look comfortable and happy with your dress and shoes! .... I see many blogs that get some clothes equals, sharing tastes great! ... I usually shop at second for my budget, I send my country is more expensive than clothes: (


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