Ain't it Fun.?

09 September 2013

Yesterday was one of the most excited days of my young life, as I saw my all-time favourite modern band (I say modern band because my all-time favourite band is, always has, and always will be Fleetwood Mac), Fun., (or, fun., I used to exclusively use lowercase but now I don't know...) in Berkeley as a late birthday gift from my brother. If you've ever heard my say "my husband" before, it is referring to the ever-so talented (and insanely gorgeous) lead singer of the band (previously The Format, another favourite of mine for a number of years), Nate Ruess, so as you can imagine, seeing him in person again was nearly overwhelming, especially considering he was but 10 feet away from me...and looked at me 5+ times...and smiled at me... I swear I'm not just saying that! He really did! I have witnesses!

Alas, Nate is unaware of our marriage, but I have seen him in the flesh 2 times now, last year at Outside Lands, both as birthday gifts. And might I say, that is just about the greatest gift you could ever give me (other than Chris travelling 6,000 miles to see me on my birthday!). It was an amazing experience, I sang along with every song, caught a glowstick--they even threw in "The Gambler", which Chris and I deemed our song. Not a song we would've expected to hear at a concert, so hearing it sung live in front of us felt like a particularly special treat. There wasn't a moment I didn't have a smile on my face, and I almost forgot how sore I was after standing for many hours by that point. Here are some of my favourite details from my Instagram:

1. my outfit (fun. jumper, handmade pin, american apparel blouse) // 2. i was actually this close to him i almost died. // 3. confetti canons!!!! // 4. their logo looked like it was made of stars (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

After so much excitement and standing, I was looking forward to throwing on something simple, including my new T-shirt I bought at the concert, and comfy and having a nice relaxing day (which ended up turning into a shopping day, but I digress...). It was nice to have lightweight clothing with a soft colour palette and a day to myself with no responsibilities other than watching Mystery Diagnosis and eating Cup Noodle with Anna. Overall, I very much enjoyed my day! I hope you all did as well. I have a busy couple of weeks ahead of me to look forward to!

Stay sweet ♡

P.S. Tegan and Sara were the opening band and they were amazing

t-shirt: concert | cardie: old navy | leggings: topshop | socks: h&m (gift) | trainers: h&m

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