Pixie Day

24 August 2013

Hello, everyone! Long time no see. I've been brainstorming lots of ideas for the blog and its layout, and today some of those ideas became a reality! I got all dressed up in my pixie gear and headed to the park with Rachael (you can read more about it on her blog as well). I had recently driven past the park and noticed all the pink blossoms on the grass that had fallen off the trees and thought it was a perfect photo opportunity (as you can see here and in the new banner above!). Despite many of them being dead, I'd say the photo shoot was a success, and precisely what I had envisioned. 

The American Apparel figure skating dress has been on my wish list for quite some time, so when I saw it at The Salvation Army for $4.99 in this gorgeous deep magenta colour, I was practically giddy with glee! It's one of my favourite pieces for a lazy day or for dance class. Rachael had gifted me the sparkly gold socks that day as a belated birthday gift, and we thought they were just perfect with the collared top I have on, don't you?

Later on in the day, we went to town where we partook in thrifting and some drinks at an artsy café, where I cast a magic spell and made two Italian sodas appear for the price of one! Rachael and I received many looks for our ensembles, as we often do, and were even called "beautiful" by a lovely stranger. It was quite a nice afternoon indeed.

In 5 days now, I return HOME, back to San Francisco, and I am so very excited. Most of my clothes and necessities are packed away now, so there won't be an outfit post until I return--but do not fret, because there will be lots of outfits coming your way, as I will be inspired daily by the beautiful city itself! Are any of you excited for school as much as I am, or do you wish summer lasted forever? Let me know!

Stay sweet ♡

P.S. Thanks, Rachael, for all the amazing shots!

dress: american apparel | top: unknown | belt: h&m | socks: h&m (gift) | shoes: juju jellies via american apparel


14 August 2013

Good morning, everyone! Yesterday, I spent my morning with good ole schooltime pal Shannon, which consisted of flower crowns, Hey Arnold!, drugstore shopping, and lots of frozen yoghurt! It's been a very stressful few weeks, so it was nice to have at least a bit of relaxation with a good friend. It was particularly bright, despite the clouds and scattered showers. I definitely needed my new pair of cateye sunnies, as the reflection from the rain in the street was almost blinding!

One of my all-time favourite pieces in my closet is this cream pleated maxi skirt from American Apparel! I had wanted a cream maxi skirt ever since I saw one on Elle Fanning a couple of years ago, and I finally purchased this one last year! It was a bit pricey for what I usually go for, but I was very happy with my decision in the end. It is a bit see-through, but thankfully, I already had a plain chiffon maxi skirt in the same colour, so I layer the two for more coverage.

My second favourite part of this outfit is the peep-toe flats by Blowfish. You can't really see the floral detail in this photo, but I also posted this look on Instagram as part of my #ootd tag (if you want to see more outfits, you should follow me!), so you can go check out the shoes there! Despite the distinct colour combination, I always find a way to throw them in with an outfit, because not only are they so cute, but they are also quite comfortable!

Stay sweet ♡

sunnies: forever 21 | top: thrifted | skirt: american apparel | shoes: blowfish

Pearl Harbour

13 August 2013

Last Thursday, Chris and I decided to take a little excursion to Pearl Harbour after my appointment with my oral surgeon. It was a very bright and sunny day, perfect for staring out into the glistening sea and napping on a warm bench! As one of the prime tourist locations because of its history, you can imagine there were many visitors from all around the world checking out the WWII exhibits, but we somehow managed to find a single spot without swarms of people to have an outfit photo taken!

How totally dreamy are my new Bass 's Rachel Antonoff oxfords from ModCloth? I've had my eye on these babies for quite a while now, so when I saw them on sale, I cashed out and bought them right away (only one pair left in my size)! I found these vintage Calvin Klein short-alls at the Salvation Army the day before and fell in love. They are so comfortable and cute to wear on a lazy day or spending sometime walking around in the summer heat, like this particular day. I've had this top for so long I can't even remember where it's from... It has a tie on the side that would keep falling through the leg hole of the short-alls throughout the day!

As you can see, I'm a bit patched up from the week's endeavours--I am easily wounded! But never fear, for I have a box of Hello Kitty bandages that add a pop of cute to any outfit.

Stay sweet ♡

P.S. Please forgive my hair! It was a very windy day! (╥﹏╥)

top: unkown | short-alls: vintage, calvin klein | shoes: modcloth, bass ♥'s rachel antonoff | socks: old navy

Sparkles & Stripes

09 August 2013

Hello, everyone!  (。・ω・。)ノ♡ I'm Sarah, aka The Petite Pixie! After some time blogging over at Love & Velvet, I've decided to try a new approach to blogging, as what I had been doing before felt a little bit too impersonal. I've decided to change routes and start blogging from a different point of view--my own! So here we are, and I am so excited to start writing for you all. ♥♥

Now on to the outfit! This past Sunday was the first day my boyfriend Chris spent visiting me in Hawaii, so we went to the mall alongside my best friend Kitty and had a nice day of shopping! At Forever 21 I bought this perfect (fake!) leather waist skirt! (●♡∀♡) I've wanted once since seeing Marina and the Diamonds' How to Be a Heartbreaker music video and this one just about cuts it for me! Not to mention it was a steal at only $17.99! Among my other scores of the day was this pair of clear, sparkly Juju jellies from American Apparel! I've had my eye on them for longer than I even remember, so when Kitty pointed them out to me on the shelf, I almost had a heart attack, and quite the deal as well at only $45.00.

I managed to add more pink to the ensemble, as I try so often to do, by wearing my pearl strap watch that was handmade by Chris! It was one of the many handmade pieces he gave me for our 5 month anniversary last month, and I am so in love with it! Perhaps you will see a close-up photo in a future post!

Have you made any recent purchases you are just so excited about? Let me know in the comments below! 

Stay sweet ♡

dress (top): h&m | bra: ross, betsey johnson | keyblade necklace: hot topic | skirt: forever 21 | suspender belt: victoria's secret | stockings: eBay | jellies: american apparel

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