A Year in Review

30 December 2013

With the new year just around the corner (New Year's Eve is tomorrow--ahh!), I've decided to take some time and look back at my accomplishments/milestones/notes of the year 2013--which, despite feeling so fulfilling and busy, I've had trouble thinking of a lot key events that took place... Maybe I just have a bad memory. At any rate, here are some of the most important experiences I've thought up of, by month, in little paragraph form with photos and such. I figure it will give you a little more on who I am and what I've been through... let's begin!

**Warning: This will be a fairly long, personal blog post.

January was equally one of the busiest and slowest months of the year, in my opinion. This probably could be due to the fact that the day I would be returning home to San Francisco after winter break was the 31st! The anticipation to go back was actually killing me! I was packing for the entire month leading up to the day, and finally, after a very stressful travel home, I arrived. My friends invited me to In n' Out (if you're not from California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, or Texas, it's the most delicious fast food burger joint ever) for dinner...where I happened to meet a boy by the name of Chris and exchanged phone numbers.

1. the outfit I wore on our first date | 2. packing up to go back to the city | 3. on the aeroplane flying home (lipstick by makeup forever) | 4. valentine's day lunch! ♡

February was, without a doubt, my favourite month of the whole year, and pretty much determined my happiness for the course of 2013. I began second semester at uni, went on my first date with Chris (on the 9th!) and then my favourite time of year rolled around... Valentine's Day! Chris and I decorated heart shaped cookies for one another at lunch time, wrote "I ♥ Sarah" and "I ♥ Chris" on the giant heart on the wall, then after class got all dressed up in pink and he took me down to the pier to ask me to be his girlfriend! Eeee! After a delicious dinner and even better dessert, the most perfect day ended which led up to more and more perfect days to come.

A little over a week later was Chris' 20th birthday, where we enjoyed an unforgettable (and might I say very expensive--thanks to his unbelievably sweet parents) birthday dinner at Morton's Steakhouse and moments I will remember for the rest of my life.

March is where things finally began to slow down, thankfully. I had rehearsal for The Vagina Monologues every week, Chris and I made our one month (when Siegfried came into our lives!), I added pink to my hair. March was a very important step to my relationship with Chris as well, and we made a lot of progress in becoming the couple we are today through communication and understanding... (and our first fight).

March was also a big turning point for me as a blogger. I began getting new ideas and executing them on my old blog, Love & Velvet. I was being a lot more proactive about writing and coming up with my own ideas for posts and it has honestly brought me to where I am today! This post alone for The Petite Pixie is the first non-outfit post of many to hopefully come (not this long, I assure you...).
1. the return of the pink hair | 2. my Siegfried and Chris' Ludwig having a sleepover | 3. one of my two scenes in The Vagina Monologues (dress from forever 21) | 4. my new blonde pixie haircut!

April was truly liberating. I was given the amazing opportunity to participate in The Vagina Monologues (as aforementioned), which revolves around an issue so very important to me. We'd been preparing the show since December, rehearsing since the start of the semester, and working our hineys off to put on a great show. It ran for three nights and all of us girls grew very close throughout the entire process, and it isn't something I would ever want to take away.

The day after the show was completely finished, I made the decision to have all of my hair cut off and bleached blonde and I loved it!...at first. It was quite an adjustment, but I thought about the decision for a while and try not to regret it now because my hair is so much healthier!

May was a particularly difficult month, for it would be the last Chris and I spent together before the dreaded summer break rolled around. Despite being a fortunate enough person to have a home in Hawaii to go to over breaks, I am miserable being away 3,000 miles away from the city, and now that the person I love would be going 3,000 miles the opposite way, it made it even harder. However, we decided to make the most of our final weeks together, and made sure to spend a lot of time together despite having finals on top of it all. One of our dates included going to the midnight premiere of The Great Gatsby, dressed up for the era of course.

1. at the great gatsby premiere with Chris | 2. studying lines for my final | 3. crafting for my Etsy Shop | 4. mailing my care package to Chris

In June, I kept busy to distract myself from the whole long-distance relationship situation. I applied for summer work, made time to hang out with the couple of close friends worth keeping from high school days, wrote a lot on Love & Velvet, including a How to Survive A Long-Distance Relationship post that I still find particularly helpful, and did some arts and crafts. I decided to open an Etsy shop where I would sell my little creations, such as dolls, crowns, and even some vintage clothing that I had purchased. It was definitely a good distraction to run to the craft store, pick up supplies, and go home to my little craft table and just create for hours (sometimes while Skyping Chris, of course), but as predicted, it didn't help the heartache of being so far apart.

July was equally as long and torturous as June, however I did have some things to keep my mind off the distance. I was unable to find a job that was interested in someone to work for only 2 months, but I had been making money with my Etsy shop, and began counting down the days until Chris would come visit me, so things were turning around quite a bit. My roots had gotten to the point where it was time to dye my hair back to red, a colour I plan to keep for quite some time (as I always say...). I also received my own care package/5 month anniversary gift from Chris, which included some beautiful jewellery he made himself, a t-shirt with his hometown's name on it, and a poem I always keep close to my heart ♡

Around the end of the month, I had oral surgery to remove my wisdom teeth, which was not an easy process to say the least. I began having health problems on top of it and just couldn't wait for August to roll around! The wisdom teeth issues did, however, spark an idea for a great blog post about how to cover up a bruise with makeup--which my oral surgeon actually ended up reading!

1. my countdown cards for Chris' arrival | 2. back to a redhead | 3. yummy anniversary dinner | 4. Chris and I on the beach
It finally arrived--August, my favourite month of the year, especially this year. Not only would I celebrate my birthday on the 6th, but Chris flew out especially for the occasion, and we had a wonderful week together. The day before my birthday, we went to the water park and actually got 50% off because the park was closing 2 hours after we arrived. On my birthday, we had a yummy dinner with my family and watched a slideshow, and the next day we celebrated my birthday again with my good friend Shannon. Around this time was when the idea for The Petite Pixie came to life and I started it immediately!

The last night before Chris left, we celebrated our 6 months together, which marked the longest relationship the two of us had ever had, and he cooked us some delicious homemade dinner! Eventually, Chris had to go back home, but then it would only be two weeks until we were together again in the city, ready to take on our second year at uni!

September kicked off the start of my Sophomore year and it definitely started off with a bang. My first week back I decided to audition for the school-wide play--Shaw's Candida, just because I know I'd regret it if I didn't try, along with some other very close friends. It turns out I landed a call-back, which seemed incredible to me, as a second year, and took my confidence to new heights. Although they didn't decide to keep me for the part (and made the most perfect choice instead, my good friend Katherine!), it felt amazing to have been in their top four choices, and encouraged me to audition for everything I can because I am capable! On top of that, the day of call-backs, I was informed I had gotten the job at Banana Republic that I had just interviewed for a couple days earlier. I had a feeling, at this point, that this would be my semester.

Very early in the month, as well, I saw my all-time favourite (contemporary) band fun. live as a belated birthday gift from my brother! It was a truly amazing night I was so lucky to spend with Chris, and might I add, the lead singer, Nate Ruess, a.k.a. my husband, smiled at me. Everyone saw it, I swear I'm not making it up!

1. my view at the fun. concert | 2. halloween party with Chris | 3. accessories for photos hoot with Lauren | 4. the boutique I would be working in
October is honestly a blur. I feel as if I didn't do much other than go to work and go to school. It was becoming clear to me that work on top of school, if only to make extra cash, would be quite the challenge. It was also disheartening to know that I would not be able to participate in any shows that the school would put on for the semester, which was the entire reason I was at school to begin with! I did not let things get me down too much, however, because I had Halloween (Chris and I were a vampire couple) to look forward to, which is my absolute favourite holiday (especially as an actor)! Not to mention I also had the distinct pleasure of being photographed by Lauren Crow, super amazing photographer/blogger/all-around amazing human being.

November was a very jam-packed month, at work, school, and my personal life. Holiday season was finally underway after a long semester, but that meant even more time spent at work. Magically, I managed to survive the chaos and stress of it all, which would only worsen come the next month. I was thankful to have at least a bit of time to rest during Thanksgiving and was fortunate enough to see some shows for different classes--one of which took place on my 9 month with Chris.

It was in November that I made the choice to purchase a nice wig for myself since I was unhappy with my hair at its current state. I found the Zooey Deschanel wig online and had it shipped from the U.K. as a personal investment. I still don't regret this decision and I see my wig collection growing for years to come! Eventually, however, I did get tired of feeling the need to wear the wig every single day, so one day (while very sick and on cold medicine, might I add) I grabbed some scissors and cut my own hair so that it wouldn't look like a mullet, more like a bob (which I was going to have done at a salon, but did not have sufficient funds nor the patience). I am actually really happy with the way it came out and still haven't had it touched up because it hasn't been necessary!

One of the absolute hugest event that took place in November was having the privilege of meeting one of my absolute heroes, Tavi Gevinson of Rookie. Everything about that day fell into place perfectly, which was such a relief because I wasn't sure I would be able to go, since I had work at the time of the Rookie meet-up. However, the timing of my lunch, the location, and just everything went exactly right, and I was able to get what I came for--a photo and my Rookie Yearbook 2 signed (oh, and an autograph for Rachael). That was, without a doubt, one of my biggest accomplishments of the year. I was on cloud nine when I got back to work!

1. my new wig | 2. meeting Tavi--she said she liked my Nate Ruess pin | 3. seeing The Nutcracker | 4. dressed as Marina for my Acting III final

Ahh, finally, December. I had been anticipating you for quite some time. It's true, I do sort of go into a panic in December, wondering if I accomplished anything throughout the year, and start scrambling for things to change for the next year. I also had to find time to spend with Chris before we left one another for a short long-distance period. Thankfully, we got to do some cutesy coupley Christmas time date nights, like seeing The Nutcracker together--I've always wanted to go to the ballet with my significant other ;-) The remainder of the month was spent doing finals and going to work. Finals as an acting major sure can be fun though, because for one of them I got to dress up as Marina and the Diamonds.

Majority of this final month was spent on reflection and understanding what my needs are. I moved out of my four-person dorm room to live in my own private room for the sake of my sanity and overall happiness, I decided to leave my job to have more time for performances and films, and have taken a look and the people I choose to surround myself with. My best advice in that category would be to figure out which people make you a better person and you can always be your true self around--they're the ones worth keeping, after all!

Now I am on my winter break until the end of January 2014 and have a lot of time to myself to figure out who I want to be this next year and what accomplishments I intend to make.


Well, if you're still with me after ALL OF THAT... that's my year in review. Sorry it was so long, I guess I did a lot more than I thought. Maybe next year I should consider a bulleted list.

Thank you for reading and I hope you all have a wonderful New Year ahead of you! What were your favourite accomplishes this year?

Stay sweet ♡

Out with the Old

29 December 2013

How's it going? Can you believe it's already almost 2014? My, my how the time flew, at yet, so much took place this past year it's hard to keep track. Once the end of the year rolls around, I find myself reflecting on where I am in my life and what improvements I can make to better myself as a person. I particularly love making lists, so I started jotting down areas I can refine throughout the course of 2014. Some don't see a New Year as anything but the change of a calendar, but personally, I find comfort in knowing that I can have a fresh start every 365 days and make up for those mistakes I've made.

Today, I had the distinct pleasure of visiting Old Sacramento and shopping around in the old-timey shops, where I happened to find this beautiful wig in my ideal auburn shade and the length I desire to grow my real hair out to. To make the wig even more perfect, it has a very slight 60s style bouffant at the top (not very well shown in this photo, mind you). I stumbled upon these delectable cat eye frames in my absolute most favourite colour as well, and once I purchased them, I didn't want to take them off. Thankfully, they seemed to complete the outfit in a way I could not have before leaving the house with my current collection of bits and bobs. I hope my collection of wigs grows even larger so I can be someone different every day (not to mention entirely convenient for my chosen career path--acting).

I hope everyone is enjoying your final days of 2013, which I can undoubtedly say was one of the greatest years of my 19 years of life. Do you have any new years resolutions? Let me know!

Stay sweet ♡

cardie: gap | dress: banana republic | belt & tights: forever 21 | socks: topshop | boots: dr martens | necklace: h&m | glasses & wig: evangeline's costume mansion

Christmas Day

25 December 2013

Happy Christmas, chummies! As you can tell from my squinty eyes, it was quite a sunny and warm Christmas day here in Sacramento, which was perfect considering I had no suitable outerwear to wear with my festive ensemble! If it wasn't obvious from this outfit, I love celebrating holidays, particularly by showing it through what I wear--I always dress up on Halloween and will until the day I die, and on Valentine's Day (which is also my anniversary--eee!) you'd better believe I wear oodles of pink and red with hearts galore! I've never really had a Christmas look before, other than a nice dress for holiday parties, but when I found this dress in my closet, I knew it would be perfect for the occasion--especially with that giant (and slightly lop-sided...) bow on the collar!

Every Christmas since I was a Junior in high school, my brother and I started a tradition of seeing a movie in the cinema on Christmas Day! This year we saw The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, which I thoroughly enjoy. Put Kristen Wiig in anything and I'm bound to love it! Do you have any holiday-time traditions?

This absolutely perfect necklace was gifted to me by super BFF and all-around amazing human being Summer, who writes over at Pop Culture Puke. In case you can't tell due to the image size, it has my name. A necklace with my name or my significant other's on it has actually been a secret wish of mine for quite some time (you can thank Glee for that) and she fulfilled that longing without even knowing! I can honestly say it is one of my favourite gifts of the day, and look forward to wearing it nearly every day! If you practise holiday gift giving, what was your favourite gift that you gave or received this year? Let me know in the comments!

Hope you all had a splendid day, surrounded by those who love you! The countdown to 2014 begins now, so let's make the most of what we have of 2013!

Stay sweet ♡

dress: from anna | tights: target | flats: banana republic | handbag: vera bradley (christmas gift) | belt: forever 21 | earrings: betsey johnson | necklace: gift from summer

Snow Faerie

22 December 2013

Hello, everyone, and happy holidays! Class is finally out for me and I am currently getting settled down in Sacramento, where I will be spending the next month relaxing and assuredly taking many outfit photos! This one is, as usual, long overdue, as it was taken during exams and up until now I have had no time to myself, whether it be due to work or school! Although stressful, I had a lovely last few weeks in the city! I moved to a new room, did some shopping, changed up my beauty routine, and was even able to see The Nutcracker live, which was quite nostalgic--I was in it twice in high school!

I wore this on the day of my Singing II final, and was feeling quite faerie like with my sparkly belts and socks and pastel tones (which I sport year-round!). I never quite understood why people considered dark colours to be winter hues. I always think of pale blues and whites when it comes to winter time. I guess that's why I'm not much of a trend follower. 

I hope you all are keeping warm (or cool, depending on where you are in the world!) and enjoying your holiday season! I'm looking forward to some quality family (and cat!) time!

Stay sweet ♡

top: h&m | necklace: banana republic | skirt: target | belts: forever 21 | tights, socks, shoes: h&m

Happy Holidays!

03 December 2013

(I don't know what happened to my eyes in this photo nor why they are black...)

Hello, sprinkled doughnuts! Thanksgiving just passed which means Christmas is on its way! I celebrated my 17th American Thanksgiving by travelling up to Sacramento with Chris and staying in my parents' lovely little condo where my big brother resides! My favourite part about the holidays besides spreading cheer is the food! On Thanksgiving, we had some delicious homemade stuffing (concocted by my very talented boyfriend!), irresistible green bean casserole, and my all-time favourite food year round, mashed potatoes! I won't have my personal chefs (mum and Chris ;-) ) for Christmas, so I'm glad I got to partake in some goodies this holiday!

Okay, you must be wondering, "Wait, I thought she had a wig!" Well, a couple of weeks ago I chopped off my own hair so that it would grow out better, and I think it's pretty cute! Don't worry, my lovely dark locks still make an appearance every once in a while (I was wearing it this day as well, but my head got itchy!). For now, however, I like to have my natural hair out when I can...mostly because I'm lazy, but also because it's nice to not have to pull my hair down every 10 minutes.

I hope all of you in America had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend (and safe & efficient Black Friday shopping!) and let the countdown to Christmas (or whatever non-denominational winter holiday you may or may not celebrate) commence!
Stay sweet ♡

dress: forever 21 | tights: forever 21 | headband: handmade by mum!

Pearly-Dewdrops' Drops

07 November 2013

Hello, everyone! It's been a little while, hasn't it? As you can clearly see, I've got a new look! I've been rocking the long dark locks for just over a week now, and I must say I am quite thrilled with how it looks, despite it being such a drastic change! I've also been receiving some pretty positive feedback from others as well, which is always lovely to hear.

Now, before you begin to ask yourself how my hair managed to grow 10+ inches in a matter of weeks, I'll let you know that it's a wig! Okay, I know that might be a little weird, to just wear a wig every day despite having a full head of my very own hair, but since my hair is in that incredibly awkward period of growing out, I decided to make an investment in this gorgeous one modelled after Zooey Deschanel's classic look. I figured, since I'd never go this dark on my natural hair due to the dedicated upkeep, why not wear it in a way that's a bit less demanding until I can make my hair a bit more appealing to the eye. Now I just have to figure out how to properly take care of a wig... as if real hair wasn't hard enough to keep healthy!

Now onto the outfit! I wore this to work today and decided to share it, which was unusual for me because typically I don't care for what I have to wear to work. However, today I felt a bit like a doll. It's amazing what adding a bit of pink can do to my mood! Not that this top isn't so darling on its own with the pearl detailed collar. I'm loving the detailed collar trend that's been spreading around lately. You almost never need a necklace with them...but I still decided to throw in the one my mum made me for my 18th birthday! ;-)

Hope you're all having a lovely week. I'll be looking forward to my day off on Saturday, as I have a very long week at work ahead of me!

Stay sweet ♡

wig: ebaytop: charlotte russe | cardie: wet seal | skirt: target | belt: forever 21 | flats: marc by marc jacobs | necklace: handmade by mum

Peaches and Cream

18 October 2013

Hello there, everyone! Yesterday, I decided to actively look cute, which is, regrettably, becoming more and more uncommon considering I have to look sharp for work these days. I was eager to wear my brand new Topshop shoes, part of my first purchase from my first paycheque! I thought they were too cute to pass up, despite not having much red in my wardrobe collection--something I want to change very soon! I rummaged through my closet to find something to match, and I found this dress I bought over a year ago at Forever 21! I loved the collar and puffy sleeves! Incidentally, Sammi of The Soubrette Brunette wore the same dress in a post recently that I loved, so I was thinking of her all day! I have been unsure about the print ever since I bought it... she says apples, and I was told peaches! They could even be mangoes for all I know. For now, I will just refer to it as my "fruit dress". It gets my so excited for autumn!

In other news, isn't my hair getting so long?! I guess you all don't really know unless you read my old blog, but this past April I cut my hair to pixie cut length (perfect for The Petite Pixie, no?), and have been desperately trying to grow it back. It's growing so fast and it's so healthy since I've been avoiding heat and colouring. I'm really excited, and I hope it will be at least shoulder length come holiday season. What are you all looking forward to?

Stay sweet ♡

dress: forever 21 | belt: from another dress | shoes: topshop

Pink for October

15 October 2013

Well, hello there! It's been a little while, hasn't it? As you can probably imagine, with the start of school and a new job, I haven't had much time to myself lately, but I am finally getting into the swing of things and learning how to manage my time a bit better--so hopefully that'll mean lots more posts headed your way! But to make up for my absence, I have a special treat for you--two outfits in one post! Whee!!

Earlier this month I had the privilege of kicking off Pink Month with the über talented Lauren Crow
(whose work you can see on her website, Tumblr, and Flickr) and we had ourselves a cutesy little photo shoot/reunion and despite the blisters all over my feet, it was a really fun day! (You can find more pictures from the shoot on her website, Tumblr, and Flickr as well!) Of all the photo shoots I've had, this one is definitely the most me, wouldn't you say? ;-)

It's been nice and sunny here in San Francisco, as it gets in October, one of the many other reasons to love this month! The warmth makes for insanely gorgeous lighting, with the help of some amazing photography skills, of course!

Be sure to sport your pink this month to share your support for breast cancer awareness (and because it's just an amazing colour...) and look forward to lots more where this came from!

Stay sweet ♡ 

P.S. Thank you, Lauren, for an awesome shoot! And thanks to Anna for doing my hair all cute (even if you burnt my forehead)! ^_^

dress: forever 21 | kitty top: h&m kids | skirt: target | socks: top shop | jellies: american apparel | coat: vintage | necklace 1: forever 21 | necklace 2: h&m 

Ain't it Fun.?

09 September 2013

Yesterday was one of the most excited days of my young life, as I saw my all-time favourite modern band (I say modern band because my all-time favourite band is, always has, and always will be Fleetwood Mac), Fun., (or, fun., I used to exclusively use lowercase but now I don't know...) in Berkeley as a late birthday gift from my brother. If you've ever heard my say "my husband" before, it is referring to the ever-so talented (and insanely gorgeous) lead singer of the band (previously The Format, another favourite of mine for a number of years), Nate Ruess, so as you can imagine, seeing him in person again was nearly overwhelming, especially considering he was but 10 feet away from me...and looked at me 5+ times...and smiled at me... I swear I'm not just saying that! He really did! I have witnesses!

Alas, Nate is unaware of our marriage, but I have seen him in the flesh 2 times now, last year at Outside Lands, both as birthday gifts. And might I say, that is just about the greatest gift you could ever give me (other than Chris travelling 6,000 miles to see me on my birthday!). It was an amazing experience, I sang along with every song, caught a glowstick--they even threw in "The Gambler", which Chris and I deemed our song. Not a song we would've expected to hear at a concert, so hearing it sung live in front of us felt like a particularly special treat. There wasn't a moment I didn't have a smile on my face, and I almost forgot how sore I was after standing for many hours by that point. Here are some of my favourite details from my Instagram:

1. my outfit (fun. jumper, handmade pin, american apparel blouse) // 2. i was actually this close to him i almost died. // 3. confetti canons!!!! // 4. their logo looked like it was made of stars (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

After so much excitement and standing, I was looking forward to throwing on something simple, including my new T-shirt I bought at the concert, and comfy and having a nice relaxing day (which ended up turning into a shopping day, but I digress...). It was nice to have lightweight clothing with a soft colour palette and a day to myself with no responsibilities other than watching Mystery Diagnosis and eating Cup Noodle with Anna. Overall, I very much enjoyed my day! I hope you all did as well. I have a busy couple of weeks ahead of me to look forward to!

Stay sweet ♡

P.S. Tegan and Sara were the opening band and they were amazing

t-shirt: concert | cardie: old navy | leggings: topshop | socks: h&m (gift) | trainers: h&m

Pixie Day

24 August 2013

Hello, everyone! Long time no see. I've been brainstorming lots of ideas for the blog and its layout, and today some of those ideas became a reality! I got all dressed up in my pixie gear and headed to the park with Rachael (you can read more about it on her blog as well). I had recently driven past the park and noticed all the pink blossoms on the grass that had fallen off the trees and thought it was a perfect photo opportunity (as you can see here and in the new banner above!). Despite many of them being dead, I'd say the photo shoot was a success, and precisely what I had envisioned. 

The American Apparel figure skating dress has been on my wish list for quite some time, so when I saw it at The Salvation Army for $4.99 in this gorgeous deep magenta colour, I was practically giddy with glee! It's one of my favourite pieces for a lazy day or for dance class. Rachael had gifted me the sparkly gold socks that day as a belated birthday gift, and we thought they were just perfect with the collared top I have on, don't you?

Later on in the day, we went to town where we partook in thrifting and some drinks at an artsy café, where I cast a magic spell and made two Italian sodas appear for the price of one! Rachael and I received many looks for our ensembles, as we often do, and were even called "beautiful" by a lovely stranger. It was quite a nice afternoon indeed.

In 5 days now, I return HOME, back to San Francisco, and I am so very excited. Most of my clothes and necessities are packed away now, so there won't be an outfit post until I return--but do not fret, because there will be lots of outfits coming your way, as I will be inspired daily by the beautiful city itself! Are any of you excited for school as much as I am, or do you wish summer lasted forever? Let me know!

Stay sweet ♡

P.S. Thanks, Rachael, for all the amazing shots!

dress: american apparel | top: unknown | belt: h&m | socks: h&m (gift) | shoes: juju jellies via american apparel


14 August 2013

Good morning, everyone! Yesterday, I spent my morning with good ole schooltime pal Shannon, which consisted of flower crowns, Hey Arnold!, drugstore shopping, and lots of frozen yoghurt! It's been a very stressful few weeks, so it was nice to have at least a bit of relaxation with a good friend. It was particularly bright, despite the clouds and scattered showers. I definitely needed my new pair of cateye sunnies, as the reflection from the rain in the street was almost blinding!

One of my all-time favourite pieces in my closet is this cream pleated maxi skirt from American Apparel! I had wanted a cream maxi skirt ever since I saw one on Elle Fanning a couple of years ago, and I finally purchased this one last year! It was a bit pricey for what I usually go for, but I was very happy with my decision in the end. It is a bit see-through, but thankfully, I already had a plain chiffon maxi skirt in the same colour, so I layer the two for more coverage.

My second favourite part of this outfit is the peep-toe flats by Blowfish. You can't really see the floral detail in this photo, but I also posted this look on Instagram as part of my #ootd tag (if you want to see more outfits, you should follow me!), so you can go check out the shoes there! Despite the distinct colour combination, I always find a way to throw them in with an outfit, because not only are they so cute, but they are also quite comfortable!

Stay sweet ♡

sunnies: forever 21 | top: thrifted | skirt: american apparel | shoes: blowfish

Pearl Harbour

13 August 2013

Last Thursday, Chris and I decided to take a little excursion to Pearl Harbour after my appointment with my oral surgeon. It was a very bright and sunny day, perfect for staring out into the glistening sea and napping on a warm bench! As one of the prime tourist locations because of its history, you can imagine there were many visitors from all around the world checking out the WWII exhibits, but we somehow managed to find a single spot without swarms of people to have an outfit photo taken!

How totally dreamy are my new Bass 's Rachel Antonoff oxfords from ModCloth? I've had my eye on these babies for quite a while now, so when I saw them on sale, I cashed out and bought them right away (only one pair left in my size)! I found these vintage Calvin Klein short-alls at the Salvation Army the day before and fell in love. They are so comfortable and cute to wear on a lazy day or spending sometime walking around in the summer heat, like this particular day. I've had this top for so long I can't even remember where it's from... It has a tie on the side that would keep falling through the leg hole of the short-alls throughout the day!

As you can see, I'm a bit patched up from the week's endeavours--I am easily wounded! But never fear, for I have a box of Hello Kitty bandages that add a pop of cute to any outfit.

Stay sweet ♡

P.S. Please forgive my hair! It was a very windy day! (╥﹏╥)

top: unkown | short-alls: vintage, calvin klein | shoes: modcloth, bass ♥'s rachel antonoff | socks: old navy

Sparkles & Stripes

09 August 2013

Hello, everyone!  (。・ω・。)ノ♡ I'm Sarah, aka The Petite Pixie! After some time blogging over at Love & Velvet, I've decided to try a new approach to blogging, as what I had been doing before felt a little bit too impersonal. I've decided to change routes and start blogging from a different point of view--my own! So here we are, and I am so excited to start writing for you all. ♥♥

Now on to the outfit! This past Sunday was the first day my boyfriend Chris spent visiting me in Hawaii, so we went to the mall alongside my best friend Kitty and had a nice day of shopping! At Forever 21 I bought this perfect (fake!) leather waist skirt! (●♡∀♡) I've wanted once since seeing Marina and the Diamonds' How to Be a Heartbreaker music video and this one just about cuts it for me! Not to mention it was a steal at only $17.99! Among my other scores of the day was this pair of clear, sparkly Juju jellies from American Apparel! I've had my eye on them for longer than I even remember, so when Kitty pointed them out to me on the shelf, I almost had a heart attack, and quite the deal as well at only $45.00.

I managed to add more pink to the ensemble, as I try so often to do, by wearing my pearl strap watch that was handmade by Chris! It was one of the many handmade pieces he gave me for our 5 month anniversary last month, and I am so in love with it! Perhaps you will see a close-up photo in a future post!

Have you made any recent purchases you are just so excited about? Let me know in the comments below! 

Stay sweet ♡

dress (top): h&m | bra: ross, betsey johnson | keyblade necklace: hot topic | skirt: forever 21 | suspender belt: victoria's secret | stockings: eBay | jellies: american apparel

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